Gordon setter

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Gordon setter,

breed of large sporting dogsporting dog,
classification used by breeders and kennel clubs to designate dogs bred for pointing, flushing, and retrieving game. These dogs hunt by air scent—as opposed to most hounds, which are ground scenters—and their quarry is primarily game birds.
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 developed over centuries in Scotland and brought to prominence there by the fourth duke of Gordon in the early 1800s. It stands from 23 to 27 in. (58.4–68.6 cm) high at the shoulder and weighs from 45 to 75 lb (20.4–34.1 kg). The flat or slightly wavy coat is long and shiny and forms fringes, or feathers, of longer hair on the ears, chest, underside of body, back of legs, and tail. It is coal black in color with tan markings, usually chestnut or mahogany, on the head, throat, chest, and inside of hind legs. The Gordon was introduced into the United States by Daniel Webster and his friend George Blunt in 1842, and since then the breed's popularity has spread widely. Although slower than the other setters, it hunts with great accuracy and endurance. See dogdog,
carnivorous, domesticated wolf (Canis lupus familiaris) of the family Canidae, to which the jackal and fox also belong. The family Canidae is sometimes referred to as the dog family, and its characteristics, e.g.
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Irish and Gordon setters are two of the most beautiful breeds of gun dog.
So Geordie, a nine-year-old Gordon setter with worldweary wisdom in his eyes, takes over and, sensing a third set, arches his back and juts his nose forwards into a classic pointer pose.
Earlier, a black and gold dervish of a dog, the Gordon setter Ch.
His coat is only moderately long, more like that of a Gordon setter.
Gordon Setter Club of Scotland championship show, Cochrane Hall, Alva, 10am.
Through these years, I waited patiently for an article on the breed of my faithful companion, a Gordon setter.
Pictured at three months is Gordon setter Sandpiper's Ceilidh for Glen 'Mor.
SHOW NEWS May 5 Gordon Setter Club of Scotland championship show in Cochrane Hall, Alva, from 10am North of Scotland Toy Dog open show in Richard Greenhow Centre, Gretna, from 1pm Fife German Shepherd Dogs Club open show in the Lomond Centre, Glenrothes, from 10am Land O'Burns Canine Clubs limited show in Hurlford Community Centre, 10am May 6 Shih Tzu Club of Scotland championship show to be held at Muirhead Community Centre West Highland White Terrier Club open show in Polmont Church Hall, from 11am May 7 Hamilton Canine Club limited show in Larkhall Sports Barn, from 6.
What a gorgeous dog," one of the hunting party observed as the 90-pound, three-year-old male Gordon setter followed a German shorthair through the corn stubble up to a clump of foxtail.
Politicians have also figured in dog names, including a Gordon setter named "Hairy Reid" that belongs to a Nevada hunter, a Basenji called "Congoleza Rice," a Brittany named "Dan Quail," a Labrador with the name of "Barquack Obama" and another black Labrador that for a time belonged to California political power Willie Brown, who named the dog "Eldredge Triever.
Gordon Setter Club of Scotland Open Show at the Ravenstruther Village Hall from 10am.
Tyler, a five-year-old Gordon Setter, was left with a smashed pelvis, broken back leg and shattered toes after he was hit at 80mph.