Netherlands: see GorinchemGorinchem
or Gorkum
, town (1994 pop. 31,090), South Holland prov., W central Netherlands, on the Upper Merwede River. It is a manufacturing center. Gorinchem became a major trading point in the 15th cent. It was captured by the Beggars of the Sea (see Gueux) in 1572.
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The council did have the option to remove the designated premises supervisor Ward Van Gorkum, but PC Simon Wheeler expressed general satisfaction with Mr Van Gorkum's management.
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The states' response to Van Gorkum was a race to the bottom.
The DMNG PRO builds on AVIWEST's proven expertise in video and transmission technologies," comments Charles van Gorkum, Vice President, Sales.
KRJ simplemente se equivoca cuando me reprocha el haber confundido a otros dos franciscanos exilados: Villehad de Gorkum, y Rasmus de Lovaina [42].
Govert Camphuysen, who was born in Gorkum, studied portrait art in Amsterdam, later specializing in the painting of farm interiors, from which grew the sub-genre of fowl "portraits.
Compositivamente, la figura de Francisco de los Santos focaliza toda la atencion, ejerciendo su papel de prior celebrante, mientras sostiene, con firmeza, la Sagrada Forma de Gorkum (33).
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In response to Van Gorkum, many states, including Florida, adopted statutes designed to limit director and officer liability.
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Boccaccio cites Semiramis, while Heinrich von Gorkum compares Joan of Arc to Deborah and Judith.