Netherlands: see GorinchemGorinchem
or Gorkum
, town (1994 pop. 31,090), South Holland prov., W central Netherlands, on the Upper Merwede River. It is a manufacturing center. Gorinchem became a major trading point in the 15th cent. It was captured by the Beggars of the Sea (see Gueux) in 1572.
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The DMNG PRO builds on AVIWEST's proven expertise in video and transmission technologies," comments Charles van Gorkum, Vice President, Sales.
Govert Camphuysen, who was born in Gorkum, studied portrait art in Amsterdam, later specializing in the painting of farm interiors, from which grew the sub-genre of fowl "portraits.
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In response to Van Gorkum, many states, including Florida, adopted statutes designed to limit director and officer liability.
Philips Displays' commitment to continued leadership in innovation and the promotion of an environment-friendly manufacturing process," according to Aart van Gorkum, Chief Technology Officer, LG.
Boccaccio cites Semiramis, while Heinrich von Gorkum compares Joan of Arc to Deborah and Judith.
His successor Serge van Gorkum, a founder of the company's successful French subsidiary, had begun to turn the company round but a poor performance from the UK operations led to a net profit of just $970,000 in the first half of the current financial year, down from $2.
The Van Gorkum decision sent shock-waves through the corporate world and, according some experts, single-handedly caused the liability insurance crisis of the 1980s.
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We have done a lot of things, but still have a lot to do," said Serge van Gorkum, group CEO of Ilion.
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