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a town, the administrative center of Gorokhovets Raion, Vladimir Oblast, RSFSR. A landing on the Kliaz’ma River. Located on the Moscow-Gorky highway, 11 km north of the Gorokhovets railroad station. Enterprises include a shipyard and a hoisting and transport equipment plant.

Gorokhovets is mentioned for the first time in a chronicle under the year 1239. From 1787 it was the chief town of a district of Vladimir Province. It contains notable survivals of 17th-century architecture: stone churches with high open flights of stairs, facades culminating in keel shapes, pilasters at corners, and intricate window frames (for instance, in the Sretensk and Nikol’sk monasteries); the Blagoveshchenskii Cathedral (1700); and two-story stone houses (of Selin and of Shumilina), duplicating the composition of the Russian wooden mansion.


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Indrus at km 9 + 973 of the road, requested - Grishino Zolotovo in Gorokhovets Vladimir region for the needs of the State budget institution Vladimir region Highway Administration Office of the Vladimir region