Göta älv

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Göta älv

(yö'tä ĕlv`), river, 56 mi (90 km) long, SW Sweden, draining Vänern lake into the Kattegat. It is part of the Göta Canal, a 240-mi (386-km) system of rivers, lakes, and canals, which crosses S Sweden from Göteborg to Arkosund on the Baltic Sea and to Stockholm by way of the sea. The canals, which account for one half of the waterway's length, were opened in 1832 and ascend and descend c.300 ft (90 m) by means of 58 locks. The section that passes around the rapids at Trollhättan was modernized in 1916 to accommodate small oceangoing vessels.

Göta Älv


(Göta River), a river in southwestern Sweden. Length, 95 km; basin area, 50,000 sq km. Flows out of Vanern and into the Kattegat near Göteborg. The valley is confined to an ancient fault. The annual average discharge is 575 m3/sec, and the flow is evenly distributed. Waterfalls in the upper reaches of the river include the Trollhättan cascades (height 33 m) and other waterfalls at Lilla Edet (6.5 m) and Vargön (4.5 m). There are hydroelectric power plants, the largest of which is at Trollhättan. With the construction of the bypass canal at the Trollhättan falls, the Göta älv was made navigable over its entire length. The river forms a segment of the Göta Canal navigation route.


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ST) announced on Tuesday, that in a joint venture with MT Hojgaard, it has signed a contract with the city of Gothenburg urban transport administration to build the bridge Hisingsbron over the river Gota alv.
The project includes construction of the immersed tunnel, which will pass under the River Gota alv in the city of Gothenburg.
Founded in 1621, the city lies at the mouth of the Gota alv river - an arm of the North Sea - and is today the largest seaport in the Nordic countries.
Finshyttan's order for the Hojum power station on the Gota Alv river is for renovation of the external idler wheel cover, which has a diameter of 7.
The waterworks, which will get its water source from the Gota alv river, will have the capacity to supply 1,080 cubic meters of water per hour when it is entirely completed.
This new traffic tunnel under the Gota Alv River will connect the urban districts of Marieholm and Tingstad in Gothenburg.
Project development and construction group Skanska AB (STO:SKAB) announced on today that in joint venture with Danish MT Hojgaard AS, it has been commissioned to construct the bridge Sodra Marieholmsbron over Gota alv and Savean in Gothenburg, Sweden for the client the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket).
The hotel will be located by the Lindholmen Science Park just outside the city centre, on the north bank of the Gota alv river.
5 km track in Gothenburg, doubling the capacity of the existing single track crossing the river Gota Alv and Savean River, at Marieholm.