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two brothers; prominent figures in the Socialist Revolutionary Party (SR’s) and members of its central committee.

Abram Rafailovich Gots. Born 1882 in Moscow; died 1940.

In 1906, A. R. Gots became an active member of the fighting organization of the SR’s. In 1907 he was sentenced to eight years of hard labor. After the February Revolution of 1917, Gots was the leader of the SR faction in the Petrograd soviet. He was chairman of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee, which was elected by the First All-Russian Congress of Soviets of Workers’ and Soldiers’ Deputies in June 1917. During the October days of 1917, Gots joined the counterrevolutionary Committee of Salvation of the Homeland and the Revolution. He was one of the organizers of the Junkers’ mutiny in Petrograd on Oct. 28–29 (Nov. 11–12), 1917. In 1920 he was arrested for participation in the struggle against Soviet power, and in 1922 he was condemned in the trial of the Right SR’s. Gots was later pardoned and worked in industry.

Mikhail Rafailovich Gots. (pseudonym, M. Rafailov). Born 1866; died Aug. 26 (Sept. 8), 1906, in Berlin.

M. R. Gots entered Moscow University in 1885. He was arrested for participation in the Narodnik (Populist) movement on Oct. 24, 1886, and in 1888 he was exiled to Eastern Siberia. On Mar. 22, 1889, he and other exiles took part in armed resistance to the authorities in Yakutsk (the Yakutsk tragedy). Gots was sentenced to exile for life, but in 1895 he was pardoned. He lived in Kurgan and then in Odessa. In 1901 he emigrated to Paris, where he, N. S. Rusanov, and I. A. Rubanovich published the SR journal Vestnik russkoi revoliutsii. In 1902, Gots moved to Geneva, where he participated in the publication of the central organ of the SR’s Revoliutsionnaia Rossiia and essentially directed all the work of the party.


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