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Götz von Berlichingen:

see Berlichingen, Götz vonBerlichingen, Götz von
, 1480–1562, German knight and adventurer. The head of a band of free soldiers, he lost (1504) his right hand in the battle of Landshut and wore an iron one in its place. His forays against various cities earned him popular fame.
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Berlichingen, Götz von

(göts` fən bĕr`lĭkhĭng-ən), 1480–1562, German knight and adventurer. The head of a band of free soldiers, he lost (1504) his right hand in the battle of Landshut and wore an iron one in its place. His forays against various cities earned him popular fame. He reluctantly agreed to lead the peasants of Franconia during the Peasants' War (1524–26) but deserted them before their defeat. In 1542 he served with Holy Roman Emperor Charles V against the Turks and two years later fought against the French. His memoirs inspired Goethe's drama Götz von Berlichingen (1773).

Berlichingen, Götz (Gottfried) Von


Born 1480; died July 23, 1562. German imperial knight.

In 1514, while in the service of Duke Ulrich of Württem-berg, Berlichingen took part in the suppression of the “Poor Conrad” uprising. During the Peasants’ War (1524–26), Berlichingen found himself in personal conflict with the Swabian League and on Apr. 27, 1525, at the urgent request of W. Hipler, was chosen as commander of one of the peasant detachments in Franconia (the so-called Bright Detachment). At the end of May 1525, before a decisive battle with the troops of the Swabian League, he betrayed the peasants. Berlichingen wrote an autobiography (Lebensbeschreibung Herrn Gö tzes von Berlichingen, published by A. Leitzmann, 1916), in which he emerges as a typical representative of the decadent German piratical knighthood.

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