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Regina families now have access to more licensed child care spaces thanks to the Government of Saskatchewan s $1.
At the end of the day whether George Gordon ends up owning and operating a potash mine or the Government of Saskatchewan has to stroke a cheque in the billions of dollars for what they did, it doesn't matter to us.
After the meeting, Phillip Chartier spoke of the problems the MNS is having with the government of Saskatchewan.
Innovation Saskatchewan, a special operating agency established by the Government of Saskatchewan to coordinate the Province's support for R&D and science and technology, and the four other parties will each provide 5 million Canadian dollars over the next five years to support R&D activities pursuant to the MOUs in collaboration with Saskatchewan-based research institutions including the University of Saskatchewan, the University of Regina, the Saskatchewan Research Council and the Canadian Light Source.
Since 2008, the Government of Saskatchewan has invested $6.
Not only has the government of Saskatchewan put a freeze on $410,000 in funding that was to go to the Metis Nation--Saskatchewan (MNS), now two federal government departments have followed suit and frozen their flow of funds to the organization.
The United Church, in one of its annual submissions to the government of Saskatchewan, once pointed out that statistically you have a better chance of being murdered or struck by lightning in that province than of winning the lottery.
Additionally, Star Uranium and its 50% partner UCA applied to the government of Saskatchewan for mineral rights to 25 claims totaling 33,196 hectares.
The Government of Saskatchewan, Ministry of Central Services, Procurement Services is conducting an Invitation to Tender (ITT) to establish a Standing Offer (SO) for the supply of Hepatitis Reagents and Consumables on an if and when needed basis to, the Ministry of Health, Saskatchewan Disease Control Laboratory (SDCL), in Regina, Saskatchewan.
The Battle of Duck Lake on March 26, 1885, was fought between forces of the Metis Provisional Government of Saskatchewan and the Northwest Mounted Police and factors within it led to the Northwest Resistance.
9 million tonnes of its idle production capacity in Saskatchewan, following a Government of Saskatchewan announcement of new provincial mining tax incentives for potash capital projects.
The Indian Government of Saskatchewan in celebrating its 50th anniversary, the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College celebrates its 20th, and CANDO celebrates its fifth.

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