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Form of Government


the way state authority is organized. A form of government is defined by its method of formation, the legal status of its higher bodies of authority, and the status of the head of state.

The main forms of government in exploitative states are the monarchy (seeMONARCHY) and the republic (see). Of these two, the republic is the most common form in contemporary bourgeois states, whether the government be parliamentary (as in Austria, Italy, Finland, the Federal Republic of Germany, and Switzerland) or presidential (as in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and the USA). A constitutional (parliamentary) monarchy exists in certain bourgeois states, such as Belgium, Great Britain, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden. Countries that have been liberated from colonial dependency have almost all introduced a republican form of government.

All the socialist states have a republican form of government embodying the power of the working people.

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As mentioned earlier, separate hard-copy reports are available for each of th e government types profiled (i.
The paper says secrecy surrounding data and turf wars amongst government types is getting in the way of any real progress on the disease.
Good government types have long suggested reforming Arkansas' severance tax rate, but it never mattered as much as it does right now.
The devices are popular among government types, and you see them everywhere in the hallways of city halls, capitol buildings and, most definitely, Washington, D.
As they do every year, local government types - from Lane County as well as Eugene and Springfield - will trek back to Washington, D.
Soccer's crachach and football-fancying government types were cocooned in chauffeured cars and freebie-festooned boardrooms.
While military recruitment has not increased dramatically, it is heartening for us good government types to see a sudden surge of respect accorded government and government employees.
Beyond the political ramifications of approving such a request before an empty room - with no notice to park lovers, environmentalists, neighbors or good government types - the commission would need five members, a supermajority, to approve the request.
The citizens on the commission would likely not be fair-minded good government types, Wentworth said, but rather "strong-as-horseradish Republicans and strong-as-horseradish Democrats" like Karl Rove and George Shipley.
Carla Gugino heads a team of scientists and government types involved in the hush-hush investigation; Spiner plays a physician studying the victims' physiological changes.
The Pet Travel Scheme, referred to by government types as PETS, has changed all that.

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