Lachlan Macquarie

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Macquarie, Lachlan

(məkwä`rē), 1761–1824, governor (1809–21) of the British colonies in Australia. Sent to replace the corrupt rule of the officers of the original convict guard, he established a sensible and humane administration, stressing public building, land reform, and fair treatment of convicts and freedmen.
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There are campaigns in Australia against Captain Cook, who discovered the place, and governor Macquarie, who oversaw its settlement.
Governor Macquarie then directed Meehan to remeasure all the farms in Van Diemen's Land--now Tasmania--and in 1818 he was appointed Deputy Surveyor-General of New South Wales.
He meets Governor Macquarie and tells him his letters from the Colonial Office are coming 'on the next ship'.
He argues that Governor Macquarie developed complex and sophisticated management strategies to motivate convict workers.
He had been discharged from the NSW Corps by the time of his marriage He received a land grant of 100 acres at Cooks River at the time of Governor Macquarie and bought other properties.
Governor Macquarie disliked it because he believed convicts might cause mischief if they knocked off early.
1818 - Governor Macquarie holds the first official celebrations on January 26, marking 30 years of white settlement.
Write to: The Hon Craig Knowles, Minister for Planning, Infrastructure and Natural Resources Level 33 Governor Macquarie Tower, 1 Farrer Place, Sydney NSW 2000
Minister for Tourism and Sport and Recreation, Governor Macquarie Tower, 1 Farrer Place, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia
Sep 1819 HQ at Port Dalrymple moved to George Town by direction of Governor Macquarie, October 1819 Soldiers at George Town demanded back issues of rum.
Towards the end of November 1821, Governor Macquarie signed his pardon; after ten long years, Lycett was a free man.
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