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VALUE: Elections are the best VALUE: Delaying a confidence vote means to address constitutional and then attempting to prorogue controversies; Governors General Parliament undermines democratic may advise but never refuse a PM accountability (Russell, 2011) (Dawson, 1987).
Barbara Messamore, Canada's Governors General, 1847-1878: Biography and Constitutional Evaluation, (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, [2006].
It seems likely that governors general in the past have followed this very decision matrix, whether consciously or not.
6-9 to summarize the causes of constitutional crisis (or potential crisis averted) because of disagreements between governors general and prime ministers.
On all three occasions, as MacDonald and Bowden acknowledge, the governors general and the "majority of political actors" believed that they possessed the reserve power to accept or reject the prime minister's request.
The three precedents do not establish a rule, that governors general must always accede to a request for prorogation by a prime minister who has not lost the confidence of the House of Commons.
So did leaders of the opposition parties, and I can find no evidence that either Prime Minister Macdonald or Prime Minister Harper thought that governors general must always accede to such requests.
The governors general of Bushehr on the Persian Gulf, Mazandaran on the Caspian Sea, and Ilam on the Iraqi border were all removed.
The governors general of the country's 30 provinces are appointed by the interior minister.
Admittedly, the deference with which British politicians treat the Queen contrasts with some of the audacious requests made by the prime ministers to the governors general, but that audacity speaks more to the character of the prime ministers than to that of the governors general.
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