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Gracenote MusicID

A family of music database services from Gracenote, Emeryville, CA (, the leading media identification company. In the mid-1990s, Gracenote, formerly CDDB, Inc., created the first online music database of missing album and artist information for music CDs (see CDDB). As of 2009, Gracenote databases held information on nearly 100 million audio tracks and more than a million videos. Following are Gracenote's identification services for music and video.

MusicID CD (Search by Table of Contents)
The original service, formerly known as CD Database (CDDB), that started the company, MusicID CD is used to identify music discs by their table of contents (track numbers and lengths). See music CD identification.

MusicID File (Search by File Fingerprint)
A digital audio file tagging service that computes an acoustic fingerprint for MP3 and other audio files and matches it against a fingerprint database. See music file identification.

MusicID Stream (Search by Audio Fingerprint)
Similar in concept to MusicID File, this service computes a more robust acoustic fingerprint in order to identify a song by listening to a sample anywhere in the middle. When used in cellphones, this falls under Gracenote's Mobile MusicID brand.

VideoID DVD, VideoID Blu-Ray, VideoID File
The video counterparts to the audio services for obtaining meta-data about a disc or TV episode. Like music CDs, table of contents data are used to identify DVD and Blu-ray discs, and a video fingerprint is used to identify video files. See video fingerprint and music search.
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SubscribeNet will provide Gracenote with a more comprehensive entitlement management and software delivery service that will offer export compliance, reporting and tracking features, and automatic email notifications to its customers," said James Brentano, senior product strategist at Intraware.
3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Gracenote has Rhythm, and they want to share it with the developer community.
IODA, the global leader in digital distribution, marketing, and technology solutions for the independent music industry, will provide Gracenote with complete and accurate metadata and audio fingerprints for its independent releases.
Gracenote is the largest source of music data in the world, featuring metadata for more than 180 million tracks, which helps power more than a billion smart phones and tablets, as well as the world's most popular streaming music services.
The Bob Dylan Music Company, Disney Music Publishing, Ice Nine Publishing, and Windswept Holdings, bringing the rights for hundreds of thousands of new song lyrics to the Gracenote Lyrics catalog.
For more than ten years, Gracenote has worked with automakers and suppliers to pioneer in-car entertainment, starting with first generation audio systems which were able to identify and rip CDs, to delivering metadata and Cover Art, one-touch playlisting and "hands-free" voice playback of music.
Kelly offers 25 years of leadership experience in the communications and wireless industries to the Gracenote board.
5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Gracenote today announced that its music recognition technology and metadata is powering music matching in the Xbox Music service.
Gracenote announced it has signed agreements licensing lyrics rights from many of the world's leading music publishers, taking a giant step in bringing the most extensive set of legal, accurate song lyrics to consumers.
23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Sony Corporation of America, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation ("Sony"), today announced that it has entered into an agreement to sell all of the shares of Gracenote, Inc.
2006 Marks a Decade since the Term MP3 Came to Define Digital Music, and the First CD was Entered into the Gracenote CDDB DatabaseCoPink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon'
TV has selected Gracenote eyeQ(TM) to power the electronic program guide for all digital basic cable and over-the-air programming for Simple.