grade school

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elementary school, grade school

An educational institution which offers instruction usually from the first year through the sixth or eighth year of schooling.
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In order to qualify for education pricing, the institution must be an accredited college, university, high school, junior high or grade school.
We are trying to get into the grade schools to stimulate interest.
Currently, there are over 2,100 institutions in MiCTA, including grade schools and universities, non-profit organizations, churches, publishing companies, and radio stations.
24, Haywood will be speaking to kids at two grade schools, Del Pueblo at 10 a.
Called Lucas powder, the snack seasoning manufactured in Mexico from salt, sugar, citric acid and chili powder has enjoyed several waves of popularity in Southern California grade schools, intermediate schools and high schools.
What is key in the grade school alumni fundraising relationship is to not let the enthusiasm fade and to stay committed to the goal, she said.