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Uncovering Student Thinking About Mathematics in the Common Core Grades 6-8 provides 25 assessment probes considering math misconceptions in the middle grades, and provides teachers with a fine new collection that identifies subconcepts in the new Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.
A program created for Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services is a finalist in the Commemorative Edition category for students in Grades 6-8.
b) All adolescents in first period English class in grades 6-8 in the community and parents attending a school open house.
These findings cast serious doubt on the wisdom of historic nationwide shift to the grades 6-8 middle school format," the study indicates.
In addition LeapTrack Reading Pro, a classroom solution designed for struggling readers, won the Distinguished Achievement Award for Curriculum Package, grades 6-8.
Specially trained teachers in 33 school districts presented the curriculum in science classes for students in grades 6-8 during the 2002-2003 school year.
For the past 15 years, the author has taught grades 6-8, so he is familiar with the tastes of middle school readers.
I teach English as a second language math to students in grades 6-8 who speak little English and are very weak in math.
The University of California's Lawrence Hall of Science attempts to fill that gap with the latest title in its Great Explorations in Math & Science series, Life through Time: Evolutionary Activities for Grades 6-8.
The study sampled 1216 science students, grades 6-8, from six urban multicultural public schools.
The winner of the London trip will be chosen at random from nine finalists, three from each of the three grade categories: K-2, Grades 3-5 and Grades 6-8.
Cox was the national winner in the category for grades 6-8.