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Steffi. born 1969, German tennis player: Wimbledon champion 1988, 1989, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1995, and 1996


GRaphic Additions to Fortran.

Fortran plus graphic data types.

["GRAF: Graphic Additions to Fortran", A. Hurwitz et al, Proc SJCC 30 (1967)].

[Sammet 1969, p. 674].
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Grafe decided to pursue the project after one of his students discovered a bat napper in a plant.
Eichengreen (2003) and Buiter and Grafe (2002) argue that this scope is very small and hence that these countries should adopt the euro as soon as possible.
Grafe M, Nachtegaal M, Sparks DL (2004) Formation of metal-arsenate precipitates at the goethite-water interface.
NAKAKIMURA, K; FLEISCHER, JE; DRUMMOND, JC; SCHELLER, MS; ZORNOW, MH; GRAFE, MR & SHAPIRO, HM 1990: Glucose administration before cardiac arrest worsens neurological outcome in cats.
Grafe and Bitz have even proposed that boubous sing a particular kind of duet to advertise to the neighborhood that they've trounced a rival.
Fred Grafe likes to think outside of tire box, Luckily he can.
Nevertheless, if the Balassa-Samuelson effects were predominant, a change in the Maastricht criteria would be advisable (Buiter and Grafe, 2002).
Consulting; Matt Middlebrooks of AQF Technologies; Jack Bacon of NASA; Eivind Stenersen and Timoty Grafe from Donaldson Company; Freudenberg Nonwovens' Allen Bowman; John Rucker of Foamex International; Scandfilter's Per Gustafsson; Gary Asbury of Professional Testing Laboratories and Susan Goldsmith from IBR.
Gilman explores in dizzying detail the breadth of "westernizing" or "Europeanizing" procedures undertaken to correct what were seen as stigmatizing physical features including the oriental eye (corrected by blepharoplasty or the "double-eyelid operation") and the "flat" nose of Jewish men and women (remodelled by the procedure known as rhinoplasty developed in Germany by Carl Ferdinand von Grafe in 1818).
In Texas, Bob Grafe has been named managing editor of the Seguin Gazette-Enterprise.
After almost two years of experimenting, Mike Grafe, president, said Grafco has conquered the next frontier in lamination: polyurethane hotmelt adhesives.
Senior Scientifics President Gerald Grafe said, "Steve has a world-class understanding of the commercial landscape in biopharmaceuticals, medical diagnostics, and use of nanoparticles for small animal imaging applications.