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Writing about Billy Graham is not unlike writing about a president.
Graham got married in 1994 after her third year at Harvard Medical School, where she was pursuing a medical degree and a master's in public health in healthcare management.
Graham believed the human race was headed for genetic meltdown, and in the science-trumps-all spirit of mid-century, he found his solution in a modern innovation--frozen sperm.
Renewal involves creation and re-creation, and the only creative act the Martha Graham Dance Company has proved truly adept in, since Graham's death in 1991, is the creation of controversy.
About six hours later, agents from several agencies served a search warrant at the Woodland Hills home in which Graham was staying, finding more than 550 pounds of cocaine, $1.
In 1980, when artificial insemination and anonymous sperm banks were becoming more popular; Graham founded the Repository for Germinal Choice, which was instantly dubbed the "Nobel Prize Sperm Bank" by the press.
Religious terminology may be used to describe psychosocial problems; possession by a spirit, experiences of sorcery and magic, the temptation of the devil--these and other culturally bound expressions are common (Al-Issa, 2000; Al-Krenawi & Graham, 1997).
But under its current administrator, John Graham, OIRA has become intimately involved in all aspects of the cost-benefit process.
Though Paul Graham, plants engineer for the City of Greater Sudbury's public works department, would not divulge particulars of the plant's technology due to the industry's competitive nature, he says the company's first phase in the plan is to produce three million litres of biodiesel fuel annually.
He claims to have had a sexual relationship with Graham dating back to 1980, when Metherel was 15.
A brand-new rotary blow molder for lower-volume applications led the slew of introductions made last month by Graham Machinery Group, York, Pa.