Graham Island

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Graham Island,

2,485 sq mi (6,436 sq km), off the coast of British Columbia, Canada, northernmost and largest of the Queen Charlotte Islands.
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Located on the southern end of Graham Island, the village is one of the starting-points for chartered tours into the Gwaii Haanas, a protected area comprising 138 of the more than 150 islands that make up the Haida Gwaii archipelago.
The most accessible is Graham Island, where you'll find a thriving First Nations community operating inns, restaurants, and bakeries.
Similarly, the Louvar (RBCM 015-00212-001), found by beachcombers on Graham Island, Haida Gwaii, was frozen and shipped to the RBCM.
A fully intact Harley Davidson motorcycle, for example, washed ashore in British Columbia, on Graham Island, in April, still in its shipping container.
Summary: A rusty Harley Davidson motorcycle with a Japanese number plate has been found on an isolated beach in British Columbia's Graham Island.
Naming it Graham Island and claiming it for the crown, the British felt they had scored a coup since the island was strategically located as a shipping terminal and a military checkpoint.
hubbardii in some abundance at Hooper's Creek or King's Tunnel, near Cowgitz' Coal Mine on Graham Island (Queen Charlotte Islands) (L3243).
He really appreciated the extra trip and did it in good style," explained Spencer, who came desperately close to a double when Football Crazy was pipped on the line by Graham Island (12-1) in the catterickbridge.
Yaahomm, running in the weaker division of the True Temper Maiden Stakes, should be a good bet to confirm the promise of his Newbury debut third behind Graham Island.
Graham Island can continue on an upward curve with victory in the feature MBNA Europe Bank Chester Vase on the Roodee tomorrow.
To play with friends, buy candy, or rent a video, Morgan must persuade one of her parents to hop in the boat and take her from their home on little Robertson Island to much bigger Graham Island.
Looking to bounce back from their 5-0 whitewash at Chester Rugby, Deeside were well placed for success when Steve Aldridge and Andy Taylor put them 2-1 up after skipper Dave Thomas had narrowly fallen 10-8 in the fourth game to Octel's Graham Island.