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Home - (Yorkshire names first): Graeme Wilson (Lower Hopton) 20 Andy Thornton 21, Peter Jagger (Wyke) 19 Steve Smith 21, Dave Fisher (Alverthorpe) 10 Graham Law 21, John Spinks (Pudsey BC) 21 Paul Clarke 14, Harry Seerha (Spen Vic) 21 Mark Ashburn 8, Andrew Heaume (Canalside) 21 Simon Brown 13, Martin Griffish (Lindley Lib) 21 Dan Vercoe 14, Craig Gant (Netherton Con) 16 Kieron Clarke 21, Robert Hitchen (Lower Hopton) 21 Martin Wilson 12, Ashley Tattersley (Lower Hopton) 21 Kieron Dodd 17, Jack Dyson (Netherton Con) 21 James Dennison 9, Ashley Daykin (Netherton Con) 21 Tom Dennison 17.
In a press release, the group said that it had appointed Lawrence Graham law firm to work with, BDO Capital Finance to restructure the company's obligations and liabilities towards the Bahrain-based Awal Bank which is owned by the Group.
Draw at Brighouse - Graeme Wilson (Lower Hopton, c) v Andy Thornton, Peter Jagger (Wyke) v Steve Smith, Dave Fisher (Alverthorpe) v Graham Law, John Spinks (Pudsey BC) v Paul Clarke, Harry Seerha (Spen Vic) v Mark Ashburn, Dave Fox (Kirkheaton Con) v Simon Brown, Graham Hickey (Lower Hopton) v Dan Varcoe, Craig Gant (Netherton Con) v Kieron Clarke, Robert Hitchen (Lower Hopton) v Martin Wilson, Ashley Tattersley (Lower Hopton) v Kieron Dodd, Jack Dyson (Netherton Con) v James Dennison, Ashley Daykin (Netherton Con) v Tom Dennison.
SRU spokesman Graham Law said last night: "The door remains open for discussion
SURE-FOOTED stand-off Graham Law proved the difference between the two Super League strugglers as Wakefield emerged victorious against Warrington.
30): James Hanson (Pudsey) v Mark Booth (Doncaster), Graham Law (Salford) v Craig Gant (Huddersfield), Chris Kelly (Sheffield) v Matt Jones (Dukinfield), Richard Goldby (Burton-on-Trent) v Nigel Cranston (Leeds), Joe Bray (Cleckheaton) v Kevin Nixon (Doncaster), Ryan Clark (Sheffield) v Paul Dudley (Whitefield), Andrew Thompson (Burton-on-Trent) v Roger Crowther (Huddersfield), Liam Griffin (Leeds) v Andrew Jones (Dukinfield).
But Wakefield drew level 6-6 at the break after Briers drop out from under the posts sailed straight into touch and Graham Law accepted the penalty.
Courses have already been run with dressage rider Serena Pincus and event riders Graham Law and Andrew Benney.
Graham Law, the SRU spokesman, said: "We suggest Caerphilly make contact although any proposal must tie in with our existing strategies.
Sunday's draw is: Simon Walder (Spen Victoria) v Paul Leah (Ashton U Lyme), Gareth McMahon (Netherton Con) v Mike Geraghty (Lloyds), Paul Dudley (Hollinhurst) v Tony Throup (Spen Victoria), Debbie Talbot (Dodworth) v Martin Griffiths (Elland WM), Gary Siswick (Crosland Moor) v Harry Seehra (Spen Victoria), Lee Schofield (Dodworth) v Graham Law (Lloyds), Gary Foulkes (Ossett Flying Horse) v Andrew Wadsworth (Canalside), Marcus Hill (Penistone) v Mark Ellis (Spen Victoria).
Team spokesman Graham Law said: "Kenny will not play until he has been cleared by a neurologist.