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Clark, John Grahame Douglas


Born July 28, 1907, in Shortlands, Kent. British archaeologist. Professor at Cambridge University (1952).

Clark’s principal works are devoted to prehistoric archaeology and history, including the history of the development of primitive economy, and make use of ethnological data as well as archaeological data. He favors idealistic conceptions that exaggerate the role of the natural environment in the development of human culture. He also holds the view that cultural elements penetrated into Europe from the East.


Prehistoric England. Cambridge, 1948.
Archaeology and Society, 3rd ed. London, 1957.
World Prehistory: An Outline. Cambridge, 1961.
In Russian translation:
Doistoricheskaia Evropa. Moscow, 1953.
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Grahame Clark, responsible for procuring IT equipment at Childwall Sports and Science Academy, and Michael Horabin, boss of computer firm Maine Solutions, cooked up a plan to add extra fees onto contracts awarded by the school and split the cash between them.
Tras una sintesis sobre el nacimiento de la disciplina en ambas tradiciones, la autora pone el enfasis en el papel fundamental jugado por la llamada "Golden Generation" en el periodo de entreguerras, representada por figuras como Grahame Clark, Christopher Hawkes y Gordon Childe en Reino Unido, y Pere Bosch Gimpera y Hugo Obermaier en Espana.
Asimismo, se analiza su inclusion en la amplia red de contactos de Grahame Clark (interes desviado luego hacia almagro Basch), y su papel como enlace de algunos de sus estudiantes en Espana, en especial en lo que concierne al proyecto "Early History of Agriculture".
Grahame Clark, the head of our Cambridge department, encouraged John to apply, but John pointed out that he was committed to return to Australia.
Jason was a member of our baritone section in the 1980s when he was still at home in Merthyr Tydfil,' said current chairman Grahame Clark, 68, who has been with the 85-strong choir for 39 years.
Grahame Clark,chairman of Dowlais Male Choir, said there was 'definitely a perception of old men in choirs.
For example, I first wrote to the now late Grahame Clark in 1987 to seek permission to study his life and career in my Ph.
Grahame Clark had years ago told her that Garrod had saved correspondence and field notes and that this unpublished material was stored in France.
Grahame Clark once said that 'we are working in a world, which was to a significant extent of his [Childe's] making' (Fagan 2001:12).
El primer manual que se publico fue el del gran prehistoriador britanico Grahame Clark (1961, 1977), quien fue el autentico creador de una Prehistoria mundial y cuya figura ha ido creciendo (Coles, Bradley y Mellaars 1999) y siendo mas valorada desde su desaparicion en 1995 (Fagan 2001; Rowley-Conwey 2002), hasta el punto de recibir el calificativo de "coloso" de la arqueologia del s.