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Clark, John Grahame Douglas


Born July 28, 1907, in Shortlands, Kent. British archaeologist. Professor at Cambridge University (1952).

Clark’s principal works are devoted to prehistoric archaeology and history, including the history of the development of primitive economy, and make use of ethnological data as well as archaeological data. He favors idealistic conceptions that exaggerate the role of the natural environment in the development of human culture. He also holds the view that cultural elements penetrated into Europe from the East.


Prehistoric England. Cambridge, 1948.
Archaeology and Society, 3rd ed. London, 1957.
World Prehistory: An Outline. Cambridge, 1961.
In Russian translation:
Doistoricheskaia Evropa. Moscow, 1953.
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As Chatterton himself points out, the concept of a strong ritual component in the behaviour of the Star Carr groups is by no means a new development, and was strongly emphasised by Grahame Clark himself in his original discussion of the series of 21 red-deer antler 'masks' or 'frontlets' recovered from his excavations.
Grahame Clark once said that 'we are working in a world, which was to a significant extent of his [Childe's] making' (Fagan 2001:12).
This is the first stock dividend in the company's history and is an indication of the company's confidence in its current and future prospects," said Grahame Clark, chairman and chief executive officer.
Then in 1958, it had to happen: I worked with Grahame Clark at Hurst Fen.
Grahame Clark was an Olympian presence, who was clearly not at his best teaching undergraduates.
However, Grahame Clark was one of a small group of archaeologists who shaped the discipline during the second half of the last century, and whose career touched the peaks of personal achievement: Disney Professor at Cambridge, Master of Peterhouse, influential Fellow of the British Academy, Erasmus prizewinner, an archaeological knight and acclaimed author.
The courses there were exclusively prehistoric, and his first experience of excavation was at the Mesolithic site at Star Cart in Yorkshire with Grahame Clark.
We live in an age where broad sweeping interpretations on the scale practiced by Gordon Childe or Grahame Clark are rare.
Jason was a member of our baritone section in the 1980s when he was still at home in Merthyr Tydfil,' said current chairman Grahame Clark, 68, who has been with the 85-strong choir for 39 years.
Grahame Clark,chairman of Dowlais Male Choir, said there was 'definitely a perception of old men in choirs.
She had never gone to a public school such as Marlborough, as had her brothers, or entered Cambridge and stayed there to build her career, as had Grahame Clark.
It is reassuring, though, that some `greats' themselves have contributed -- the late Grahame Clark on Dorothy Garrod, for instance, or, on Francois Bordes, L.