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city, now part and seat of Makana local municipality, Eastern Cape prov., SE South Africa. It manufactures pottery and is the commercial center for a rich agricultural region. Founded in 1819 as a military post on Xhosa land, the Grahamstown area was the site of repeated conflict in the early 19th cent. Rhodes Univ. (1904), an Anglican cathedral, and the Albany Museum, with collections of prehistoric and natural history materials, are in the city.
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The schoolchildren from Grahamstown could never have imagined their artwork would end up adorning a piece of designer apparel, for which there's already a waiting list.
The first facility was the Grahamstown Lunatic Asylum, established within the Fort England barracks in 1875.
In her reply, the Secretary expressed appreciation for the ways in which the Grahamstown members were promoting the interests of Classics and noted that the Executive would assume that the branch was disbanded until its revival sometime in the future.
Type specimens have been deposited in the Bishop Museum, Honolulu (BPBM); California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco (CAS); Hebrew University, Jerusalem (HUD; Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto (ROM); Senckenberg Museum, Frankfurt (SMF); South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity, Grahamstown (SAIAB); and the U.
The newest addition to the outstanding 'Rochester Studies in African History and the Diaspora" series from University of Rochester Press, "Ethnicity in Zimbabwe: Transformations in Kalanga and Ndebele Societies, 1860-1990" by Enocent Msindo (Senior Lecturer in History, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa) is a 374 page comparative study of two large Zimbabwian ethnic groups beginning with the establishment of the Inyati mission station in what was then the Ndebele Kingdom, down to the late 20th Century post-colonial period.
According to history texts, warrior-prophet Makhanda led ten thousand Xhosa soldiers to their futile and foolish deaths against British Army headquarters in Grahamstown in April 1819.
Mr Alex Bernatzky, Rhodes University, PO Box 94, Grahamstown
A concomitant neglect of the suburban garden as an urban element is evident in studies of Grahamstown itself.
This is also apparent from the three arts festivals--at Potchefstroom, Grahamstown and Oudtshoorn--chosen from a list of South African festivals on which this article reports (van Zyl 2005).
Two years into the saxophone, I headed to Grahamstown to attend workshops and performances at the Standard Bank National Youth Jazz Festival, Seeing so many different musicians from different countries playing music propelled me into making the decision that this is what I want to do with my life.
5) An exhibition of the same name, The Zulu Vision in Art was held in 1988 at one of the earliest and continuous national platforms in South Africa for the acknowledgement of cultural exemplars in theatre, music and the plastic arts: the Grahamstown National Festival of the Arts.
The International Library for African Music (ILAM) (2) in Grahamstown, South Africa, has played an invaluable role in the collection and preservation of traditional African music and oral arts since its establishment in 1954.