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Graphical Input Language.

A flow chart language entered on a graphics tablet. The graphical follow-on to JOSS.

["The GRAIL Language and Operations", T.O. Ellis et al, RM-6001-ARPA, RAND, Sept 1969].


its pursuit is central theme of some Arthurian romances. [Br. Lit.: Le Morte d’Arthur]
See: Quest
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The twin GRAIL spacecraft will vastly expand our knowledge of our moon and the evolution of our own planet.
Mixing Groovy & Java in the same codebase is completely seamless," - this is what developers have been saying about JetGroovy, which has come a long way towards making Grails a first class IDE citizen.
Thomas Malory wrote some great grail stories in the 15th century and later, the Victorians were fascinated with stories of knights with round tables and a taste for hunting down grails, in between fighting over girls and having competitions for the best hair and shiniest armour.
As he does so, he attempts to address the Grail's unique status as a "construct of the creative imagination" that "lays claim to the highest of religious ideals and experience" by eschewing the quest for origins, which, until the 1980s, dominated academic Grail discussions, and by placing individual texts within their religious and cultural context.
A 'scruffy' Welsh wooden cup's claim to be The Holy Grail will be dismissed by historians in a forthcoming documentary.
If we had built our prototype in Java, we would have only been able to deliver a quarter to a third of the functionality we produced using Groovy and Grails.
Grails is an excellent, highly productive Java Solution Stack positioned to replace Struts as the next-generation web framework of choice.
The event already boasts a heavy hitter lineup of speakers, including Rod Johnson, the founder of Spring and the CEO of SpringSource; Javier Soltero, the founder of Hyperic and now SpringSource CTO of management products; Graeme Rocher, SpringSource head of Grails development; and Guillaume Laforge, SpringSource head of Groovy development.
Refactorings, advanced navigation and views - GSP support, with Grails tags and inline Groovy coding assistance - Dedicated Visual Application Model editor for Grails
SpringSource, the leader in enterprise Java, and the company behind Groovy and Grails technologies, today announced the availability of Grails 1.
Oracle's support of open source projects like MyFaces and participation in scripting communities like Groovy and Grails is not only making Java available to a broader base of developers, but it is also providing them with resources they need to build and deploy applications quickly and easily.