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All that I am concerned with for the moment is that the grammatical forms "I think," "you think," and "Mr.
Putting aside, for the moment, the objection that scripture nowhere tells us that it is useful for reproof in grammatical forms; as well as the objection that any possible normative grammatical form could never realistically be transferred from one language to another; we might point out that those who employ such arguments, while sounding very pious and theologically correct, have a very limited and naive view of biblical Hebrew and Greek.
The findings of my study support Orr's conclusion that the grammatical form of a comparative expression plays a part in determining the form of the associated concept.
Finally, even if this combination does really occur, the proport ion of such occurrences out of the total of attested Gt, Dt, and St verb forms is so tiny as to compel the conclusion that the grammatical form combining two different -ta-infixes was unproductive if it did indeed exist (II [section]48d-h).
Users can also click on a grammatical form, whereupon they
In the course of doing so he also shows that the phenomenon in question extends far beyond the paradigmatic cases of mixed quotation, where grammatical form forces us to recognize the mixing of use and mention, to cases where even whole sentences are being simultaneously used and mentioned.
Write all parallel ideas in the same grammatical form.
Morphology module, which helps users look up words in any grammatical form to assist in regular and irregular verb conjugation, and uses of irregular plurals.
FMF participants were instructed to focus on grammatical form and accuracy, especially por/para, ser/estar.
3) Semantic interpretation is bound to the utterance, whereas grammatical form will be treated at the level of sentence structure, with the sentence basis as its kernel whose interpretation can be equated with a proposition.
whereby a less grammatical form may split into two, one variant maintaining its former characteristics, the other becoming more grammatical (Hopper -- Traugott 1993: 113).