Grand Canyon National Park

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Grand Canyon National Park

Address:PO Box 129
Grand Canyon, AZ 86023

Size: 1,217,403 acres.
Established: Grand Canyon Forest Reserve proclaimed on February 20, 1893; Grand Canyon Game Preserve proclaimed on November 28, 1906; Grand Canyon National Monument proclaimed on January 11, 1908; national park established on February 26, 1919. A separate Grand Canyon National Monument proclaimed on December 22, 1932. Marble Canyon National Monument proclaimed on January 20, 1969. All three units and portions of Glen Canyon and Lake Mead national recreation areas combined with additional lands as national park on January 3, 1975. Designated a World Heritage Site on October 24, 1979.
Location:In northern Arizona. Grand Canyon Village (South Rim) is 60 miles north of I-40 at Williams via AZ 64, and 80 miles northwest of Flagstaff via US 180. Only ten miles from rim to rim as the crow flies, the North Rim is 215 miles (about 4 1/2 hours) from the South Rim by car. The North Rim is 44 miles south of Jacob Lake, Arizona, via AZ 67. The road from Jacob Lake to the North Rim (Highway 67) is subject to closure due to snow from mid-October to mid-May.
Facilities:Campgrounds (é), picnic area, rest rooms (é), cabin rental, lodging, groceries, restaurant/snacks, visitor centers and observation station (é), museum/exhibit, self-guided tour/trail, shuttle bus services. Entrance fee required. Services and facilities at the South Rim are open year round. Services and facilities at the North Rim are open from mid-May through mid-October. Weather permitting, the North Rim is open for day use only from mid-October through mid-May.
Activities:Camping, hiking, bicycling, horseback riding, fishing, whitewater rafting, auto touring, cross-country skiing, interpretive programs, guided tours.
Special Features:The park, focusing on the world-famous Grand Canyon of the Colorado River, encompasses 277 miles of the river with adjacent uplands, from the southern terminus of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area to the eastern boundary of Lake Mead National Recreation Area (see separate entries for descriptions of each). The forces of erosion have exposed an immense variety of formations which illustrate vast periods of geological history.

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Located on Highway 64, one mile south of the South Rim Entrance to Grand Canyon National Park.
Grand Canyon National Park is 1-mile deep, up to 15 miles wide and more than 270 miles in length.
The Grand Canyon National Park Transportation System connects visitors with viewpoints, campgrounds, lodges, restaurants, the Yavapai Geology Museum and Grand Canyon Visitor Center, along more than 25 miles of the canyon s most scenic vistas and attractions.
They fear that uranium mining in the area could lead to the release of radioactivity and heavy metals like selenium into the Colorado River and its watershed, including within Grand Canyon National Park.
Delaware North has long enjoyed a strong presence in the Arizona market, already operating The Grand Canyon Village Marketplace and Desert View Market in Grand Canyon National Park, both of which offer retail, grocery and food service for visitors, in addition to the Tusayan General Store located one mile outside the park.
South Rim helicopter tours take off from Grand Canyon National Park Airport in Tusayan, AZ, which is located about 60 miles from Williams, AZ, and Flagstaff, AZ.
Grand Canyon National Park Superintendent Dave Uberuaga has announced that a prospectus for a business prospect in the park is available, to offer lodging, food services, retail, transportation, mule rides, and other services on the South Rim.
Hundreds of boxes of food have been delivered to Grand Canyon National Park and a gateway community to help out government and concession workers who have been furloughed from their jobs because of a partial government shutdown.
org), and El Tovar in Grand Canyon National Park (from $174; grandcanyonlodges.
Nearly five million people visit Grand Canyon National Park each year.
Grand Canyon National Park said: "We are deeply saddened for this individual's family and friends.
Arizona Public Service (APS) is bringing together two of the state's most recognizable features - the Grand Canyon and the sun - as the Grand Canyon National Park goes solar.

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