Grand Ole Opry

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Grand Ole Opry,

weekly American radio program featuring live country and western musiccountry and western music,
American popular music form originating in the Southeast (country music) and the Southwest and West (western music). The two regional styles coalesced in the 1920s when recorded material became available in rural areas, and they were further
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. The nation's oldest continuous radio show, it was first broadcast in 1925 on Nashville's WSM as an amateur showcase. Founded and shaped by station manager George Dewey Hay ("The Solemn Old Judge"), it was called the WSM Barn Dance until 1926. Hiring professionals beginning in 1930, the Opry won wider popularity during the decade as Roy Acuff starred and other country luminaries became regulars; in 1939 it debuted nationally on NBC. The Opry moved to a permanent home, the Ryman Auditorium, in the early 1940s, and established a live stage show there. By the end of the 1950s it was the nation's favorite radio program. As it developed in importance, so did the city of Nashville, which became America's country music capital. Over the years, the Opry has featured a wide variety of country styles and its cast has been a virtual who's who of the field, including the Carter familyCarter Family,
group of singers that specialized in traditional music of the Southern Appalachian Mountains; it consisted of A(lvin) P(leasant) Carter, 1891–1960, b. Maces Spring, Va.; his wife, Sara (Dougherty) Carter, 1898–1979, b. Flatwoods, Va.
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, Ernest Tubbs, Bill MonroeMonroe, Bill
(William Smith Monroe), 1911–96, country singer, musician, and songwriter, often called the "father of bluegrass," b. Rosine, Ky. A mandolin and guitar player, Monroe founded the Blue Grass Boys in 1938, and the group began playing country and western music
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, Hank WilliamsWilliams, Eric,
1911–81, prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago (1961–81). He attended Oxford and taught at Howard Univ. in Washington, D.C. (1939–53). Returning to Trinidad, he founded (1955) the country's first formal political party.
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, Patsy ClineCline, Patsy,
1932–63, American country singer, b. Winchester, Va., as Virginia Patterson Hensley. She began singing locally while still in her teens and signed her first recording contract in 1953, but did not become well known until after the release of her first hit,
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, Kitty Wells, the comedienne Minnie Pearl, and such later stars as Dolly PartonParton, Dolly,
1946–, country singer, songwriter, and actress, b. Sevier County, Tenn. Among the most popular country singers of the 1970s and 80s, Parton is known for her Nashville-style flamboyance, talent for self-parody, and intelligent and witty approach to popular,
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, Garth Brooks, and Reba McIntire. Since 1974 the show has been broacast and televised from Nashville's Opryland USA amusement park.


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Grand Ole Opry

country-western music performance hall and radio show; “back-country” motif. [Radio: Buxton, 100–101]
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One of his career highlights was performing at the Grand Old Opry, country music's legendary showcase, in Nashville, Tennessee.
His long list of credits includes performances on "The Prairie Home Companion'' and the Grand Old Opry.
She was appearing on the local radio station when she was nine and by the time she was 13 had recorded her first single, Puppy Love, and was performing at the Grand Old Opry in Nashville.
Fronted by Nashville country queen Elizabeth Cook, with Jan Howard as special guest - a long time member of the Grand Old Opry - and along with singers Brennen Leigh, Yolanda Quartey, Lou Dalgleish and Hannah Rickard, the group will celebrate the songs and lives of key country singers.
We've done the blues, Broadway, Grand Old Opry, a Hee Haw parody, a radio show parody, and straight variety show formats in the past.
RAISED in Washington State, Brandi Carlile's formative influence was the old school country and western of Patsy Cline and the Grand Old Opry until, at the age of 11, she discovered the music of Elton John.
During World War II, he toured military bases with Pee Wee King's Golden West Cowboys, then moved on to King's band becoming its featured vocalist and in 1942, a member of the Grand Old Opry.
Musical attractions include the Grand Old Opry, the Ryman Auditorium and the Country Music Hall of Fame.
His most important sources are not the songs and advertisements of the Grand Old Opry, but the demographic data provided by state and federal documents, and surveys of new social science professionals in the early twentieth century.
A couple of hundred miles to the west, we arrived in Nashville which, unsurprisingly, houses the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum and legendary performing venue, The Grand Old Opry.
Little-Known Fact--Deford Bailey was the first African American to perform on the Grand Old Opry.
Two special performances of the Grand Old Opry, the world's longest running live radio program, will be held at the historic Ryman Auditorium for NLC attendees only.