Grand River

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Grand River.

1 River, 260 mi (418 km) long, rising in S Mich. and flowing N to Lansing, then NW to Lake Michigan at Grand Haven. It is the longest river in the state and is navigable to the city of Grand Rapids, which grew there because of the availability of waterpower. 2 River, rising in SW N.Dak. and flowing 209 mi (336 km) SE through S.Dak. to the Missouri River near Mobridge. Shadehill Dam (1951), located on the river, was built for flood control and irrigation as part of the Missouri River basin project. 3 River in Okla.: see NeoshoNeosho
, river, c.460 mi (740 km) long, rising in E central Kansas and flowing southeast into NE Okla. (where it is generally known as the Grand River) then south to join the Arkansas River near Muskogee, Okla.
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, river; Pensacola DamPensacola Dam,
145 ft (44 m) high and 6,500 ft (1,980 m) long, on the Grand River (local name of the Neosho), NE Okla., NE of Tulsa; built 1938–41 by the state of Oklahoma.
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Grand River,

c.165 mi (270 km) long, rising in the highlands of the Ontario Peninsula, S Ont., Canada, and flowing S past Kitchener and Brantford, then SE to Lake Erie at Port Maitland. It is navigable for c.70 mi (110 km) upstream. The river drains one of the most populated regions of Canada.
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At the same time, Gene and Kate Wight, residents of Hamilton Court, complained that it was dangerous for their young children to cross Grand River Street North while going to and from school.
Through the use of QUOVADX solutions and the McKesson integration module we currently use, we were able to significantly improve process workflows and data management capabilities," said Glen Kearns, chief information officer, Grand River Hospital.
GM's Nick Twork stated that the Lansing Grand River plant managed to prepare ahead of schedule, and was eager to begin production of the vehicle.
GM also announced plans to align production output with demand for cars built at the Lordstown, Ohio, and Lansing Grand River, Michigan, assembly plants.
Profits from the event will be donated to the Canadian Federation of University Women Scholarship Fund and the Grand River Community Health Centre.
Doris participated in dozens of Loyalist displays and information events of the Grand River Branch UELAC.
The Grand River is an internationally known destination for fly-fishing and protected habitat for spawning Brown and Rainbow Trout.
As most of these cemeteries in the Grand River Branch area have now been plaqued, plans are being made to place the names of the Loyalists buried in each cemetery on the back of the plaque.
at the Rock Financial Showplace, 46100 Grand River Ave.
Today, the Honourable Bardish Chagger, Minister of Small Business and Tourism, along with Marwan Tabbara, Member of Parliament for Kitchener SouthHespeler, announced an investment of up to $3 million in Grand River Foods Ltd.
The county is looking at hiring a consultant to study a portion of Grand River Street North in Paris to determine the best way for members of the Paris Presbyterian Church and other residents to cross the road from the church parking lot.
In his speech, he mentioned Grand River Branch members who had made a contribution at the Dominion level.

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