Grand River

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Grand River.

1 River, 260 mi (418 km) long, rising in S Mich. and flowing N to Lansing, then NW to Lake Michigan at Grand Haven. It is the longest river in the state and is navigable to the city of Grand Rapids, which grew there because of the availability of waterpower. 2 River, rising in SW N.Dak. and flowing 209 mi (336 km) SE through S.Dak. to the Missouri River near Mobridge. Shadehill Dam (1951), located on the river, was built for flood control and irrigation as part of the Missouri River basin project. 3 River in Okla.: see NeoshoNeosho
, river, c.460 mi (740 km) long, rising in E central Kansas and flowing southeast into NE Okla. (where it is generally known as the Grand River) then south to join the Arkansas River near Muskogee, Okla.
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, river; Pensacola DamPensacola Dam,
145 ft (44 m) high and 6,500 ft (1,980 m) long, on the Grand River (local name of the Neosho), NE Okla., NE of Tulsa; built 1938–41 by the state of Oklahoma.
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Grand River,

c.165 mi (270 km) long, rising in the highlands of the Ontario Peninsula, S Ont., Canada, and flowing S past Kitchener and Brantford, then SE to Lake Erie at Port Maitland. It is navigable for c.70 mi (110 km) upstream. The river drains one of the most populated regions of Canada.
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3 million in support from the Southwestern Ontario Development Fund, Grand River Foods will invest more than $13 million in its Cambridge facility, expanding its processing plant, purchasing innovative equipment and diversifying its product lines.
Melba Merritt and Eleanor Chapin, both long-standing members of Grand River Branch, were presented with Honorary Membership Certificates and were thanked for their many years of work with and for the Branch.
Craig Richardson, President of Grand River Foods, said: "On behalf of the 425 employees of Grand River Foods, I am delighted with this contribution, which will add tremendous value to our processing plant here in Cambridge.
We do remote monitoring, so we can tell right away if a camera goes down and can fix the problem," said Cox, adding that two other people at Grand River have access to the cameras.
The first extensive reports of the unionid fauna of the Grand River, OH, were published by Ortmann (1924), who identified 17 species despite surveying only a small proportion of the river.
Although Grand River Ranch has 28 horses and 300 head of cattle, Gallagher calls it a "recreation ranch" because of the many sports options there.
Steve Williams, president of Grand River Enterprises, the company that produces Sago cigarettes, and former Indian Affairs Atlantic regional director general Bill Montour.
To enhance and expand programs for people living with AIDS/HIV in the Grand River area by supporting the implementation of resource development and marketing plans to increase outreach, volunteer recruitment and fundraising.
We greatly appreciate the leadership of MidAmerica Industrial Park in bringing together representatives of the Grand River Dam Authority, Northeast Technology Centers and the Oklahoma Dept.
Rain may have dampened the dancers feet but not their spirits, as Six Nations of the Grand River hosted their 24th annual Grand River Powwow on July 26 and 27.
Cuba's consul-general to Canada, Rogerio Santana, thanked Dubois and South Grand River Hospital for "filling a gaping hole in Cuba's health-care system.
Abstract The Grand River forms one of the largest drainage basins in southwestern Ontario.

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