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grandfather clause,

provision in constitutions (adopted 1895–1910) of seven post–Reconstruction Southern states that exempted those persons who had been eligible to vote on Jan. 1, 1867, and their descendants from rigid economic and literacy requirements for voting. Since African Americans had not yet been enfranchised on that date, the provision effectively barred them from the polls while granting voting rights to poor and illiterate whites. Such provisions were ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 1915. The term grandfather clause is now applied to any kind of legal exemption based on prior status.
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3503 would provide limited grandfather rights but only for U.
But there are grandfather rights in the wars of ideological cliche.
Our Rural Skills Centre at Walford Campus offers a range of legislative tests throughout the year, with Grandfather Rights for the use of pesticides expiring in November; spraying courses are available to those affected.
Deputy Chief Demers estimated it would cost between $75,000 to $100,000 to install automatic water sprinklers in the apartment complex, but because the complex has grandfather rights, it is not required to install them.
We have an agreement with Australia, New Zealand, Canada and other Commonwealth countries which allows Grandfather Rights for anyone to come to Britain and work for up to four years.