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graphic novel:

see comic stripcomic strip,
combination of cartoon with a story line, laid out in a series of pictorial panels across a page and concerning a continuous character or set of characters, whose thoughts and dialogues are indicated by means of "balloons" containing written speech.
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Before online platforms like Kickstarter came along, graphic novelists essentially had two choices: work with Diamond Comic Distributors--a company that boasts exclusive arrangements with most American comic publishers and stores--or publish, fold, and staple your books yourself, hoping you'll be able to sell them in person at events.
In it he sits alone in a room with a paper bag on his head for seven days in repentance for lifting material from graphic novelist Daniel Clowes.
Secret life: "I actually grew up dreaming of moving to New York to be a graphic novelist and illustrator for Marvel Comics.
Zogby; and graphic novelist duo: Khalil and Amir, Rachid Boudjedra, Susan Abulhawa, Youssef Ziedan and more.
The six include the Dutch Poet Laureate, Flanders' leading graphic novelist, two global best-sellers, a thriller writer, celebrated historian and a travel writer.
Graphic novelist Harvey Pekar, for his part, is no less passionate than Sacco.
Some of the prominent authors expected at the fair are Ibrahim Al Koni, Alia Mambouh, Emily Nasrallah, James J Zogby, Rachid Boudjedra, Susan Abulhawa, Youssef Ziedan and the much celebrated graphic novelist duo Khalil and Amir.
She soon abandoned comic books altogether until her adulthood when her husband, Michael Cho, also an accomplished graphic novelist, introduced her to the world of comics for both kids and adults, including Osama Tezuka's Buddha series and Louis Riel by Chester Brown.
The Enid, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Warwickshire County Music Service Youth Choirs, conductor Michael Seal, special guest graphic novelist Alan Moore: A Night of Power and Romance: Birmingham Symphony Hall, 7.
Marjane Satrapi -- the talented graphic novelist and director who brought the world Persepolis -- will be in town with her next work, Chicken With Plums, another graphic novel adaptation.
The show, at Symphony Hall on October 15, will include a complete performance of their classic album, Journey's End, and will also include a guest appearance from graphic novelist Alan Moore (V For Vendetta, The Watchmen).
For instance, in his animated film 1943,2011, the graphic novelist Sarnath Banerjee poetically intertwined a historical commentary on the Bengal famine of 1943 with a personal memoir of his childhood.