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graphic novel:

see comic stripcomic strip,
combination of cartoon with a story line, laid out in a series of pictorial panels across a page and concerning a continuous character or set of characters, whose thoughts and dialogues are indicated by means of "balloons" containing written speech.
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They point out that with the advent of webcomics, present-day graphic novels are turning away from the physical book, thus revealing yet another technological influence that has resulted in the creation of new styles and formats.
A new graphic novel tells a strong story about a young Aboriginal man who breaks away from gang violence, but not before ending up in jail.
I don't typically read graphic novels, but felt the need to branch out when I heard this interesting premise and read some reviews online that touched on its playfulness, remarkable appeal, and portrayal of youth.
com)-- Centrifugal Stories released the first page of the Prologue to the upcoming graphic novel series "Mythologia.
Waterstones Sunderland will also be involved, to capitalise on the current popularity of the genre which sees graphic novels win major awards and comic characters power hit movies.
Warren Ellis is an award winning English writer of graphic novels and film.
A MERSEYSIDE writer has penned a graphic novel to mark 100 years since the outbreak of the First World War.
As per David Steinberger, co-founder and CEO of comiXology, ComiXology s mission is to spread the love of comics and graphic novels in all forms.
suggest a framework for using graphic novels in the classroom to stimulate student interest.
The tales chronicle the rise and fall of a host of characters including Coheed and Cambria Killgannon, and are told through a mixture of music and graphic novels.
During the last 20 years it has become increasingly acceptable to include graphic novels in the literary cannon.
It spends the opening chapter justifying that Watchmen, as well as contemporary graphic novels Maus and The Dark Knight Returns, are worthy of the accolades they and their fledgling industry have accrued, and then spends further chapters detailing a number of devices Watchmen uses which are unavailable in text-only literature.