Geographic Information System

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Geographic Information System

(GIS) A computer system for capturing, storing, checking, integrating, manipulating, analysing and displaying data related to positions on the Earth's surface. Typically, a GIS is used for handling maps of one kind or another. These might be represented as several different layers where each layer holds data about a particular kind of feature (e.g. roads). Each feature is linked to a position on the graphical image of a map.

Layers of data are organised to be studied and to perform statistical analysis (i.e. a layer of customer locations could include fields for Name, Address, Contact, Number, Area). Uses are primarily government related, town planning, local authority and public utility management, environmental, resource management, engineering, business, marketing, and distribution.

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With the databases completed, images were selected to be used with the graphical information system.
Nasdaq:TSYS) (TCS) -- Leveraging their advanced Graphical Information System (GIS) capabilities and location-based application expertise, TCS is working to fulfill Amp'd Mobile's vision of edgy and cool location-based mobile applications by custom building original Amp'd concepts targeted to the 18-24 market such as Handset Locator and Skatepark Finder.
Description The Trinity River Authority of Texas (AUTHORITY), governmental agency of the State of Texas created as a conservation and reclamation district under Article XVI, Section 59 of the Constitution, is soliciting requests for proposal (RFP) to provide a complete Graphical Information System (GIS) centric asset integrity management and rehabilitation planning and analysis application for water and wastewater networks.

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