Graphics Interchange Format

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graphics interchange format

[¦graf·iks ′in·tər‚chānj ‚fȯr‚mat]
(computer science)
Common file format for compressed graphic images on the World Wide Web that is limited to 256 colors. Abbreviated GIF.

Graphics Interchange Format

(graphics, file format)
/gif/, occasionally /jif/ (GIF, GIF 89A) A standard for digitised images compressed with the LZW algorithm, defined in 1987 by CompuServe (CIS).

Graphics Interchange Format and GIF are service marks of CompuServe Incorporated. This only affects use of GIF within Compuserve, and pass-through licensing for software to access them, it doesn't affect anyone else's use of GIF. It followed from a 1994 legal action by Unisys against CIS for violating Unisys's LZW software patent. The CompuServe Vice President has stated that "CompuServe is committed to keeping the GIF 89A specification as an open, fully-supported, non-proprietary specification for the entire on-line community including the World-Wide Web".

Filename extension: .gif.

File format.

GIF89a specification.

See also progressive coding, animated GIF.
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This year's American champion is "gif", short for graphics interchange format, a common format for images on the internet.
Various data formats used to create Web pages or post documents to Web sites, such as HTML, XML, Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), word processing documents (such as Microsoft Word), or graphics interchange format (GIF), should be familiar to team members.
GIF - means Graphics Interchange Format, usually a photo of a member and his/her kids, dog, etc.
Through the utilization of artificial intelligence, the patent-pending technology performs a real-time analysis of digitized images transmitted over the Internet, including Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) and Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) graphic image files.