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land, such as a prairie, on which grass predominates



land occupied by vegetation used for making hay, senazh (a preserved feed made from sun-dried grasses), silage, and grass meal and for grazing livestock. It includes natural hayfields and pastures (also woodland and improved pastures), deer pastures, idle field temporarily used for forage purposes, and land covered with scrub or bogs, as well as cultivated pastures. In the USSR in 1971 hayfields covered 46.5 million hectares (ha), pastures 328 million ha, deer pastures about 343 million ha, idle fields 3.2 million ha, woodland hay-fields and pastures about 20 million ha, improved hayfields and pastures more than 9 million ha, and cultivated pastures about 1.5 million ha. Most of the hay and pasture fodder is obtained from natural grassland, although it is often low in productivity and requires improvement (cultivation). Cultivated hayfields and pastures produce high yields of good-quality forage.

In foreign countries where livestock raising is well developed, such as Denmark, the Netherlands, the Federal Republic of Germany, and the German Democratic Republic, all farmland is cultivated and used to produce the fodder needed. The natural grasslands of some European countries are mountain pastures (Switzerland, Austria, France) or areas covered with scrub and small forests (Finland, Sweden, Norway). There are extensive grasslands in Canada, the United States (prairie), Latin America, and the tropics (savanna).


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Any area of herbaceous terrestrial vegetation dominated by grasses and graminoid species.
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Our goal is to create a package of renewable energy that can compete on reliability and price, not just with renewables like solar, but with non-renewables such as coal," said Carl Borgquist, President of Grasslands.
Throughout history these grasslands have provided our finest foods.
When junipers invade and occupy grasslands, they also decrease production, density, and diversity of associated herbaceous grassland species (Schott and Pieper, 1985; McPherson and Wright, 1990; Dye et al.
But meadows are something that have developed over hundreds of years of farming grasslands.
Aberbargoed Grasslands Ranger Mark Allen said: "This is malicious vandalism.
In 2006, Federal Premium partnered with DU and its members to raise funds for the restoration of waterfowl habitat during the inception of the Grasslands for Tomorrow program.
Tropical grasslands, called savannas, are warm all year, with a wet and a dry season.
It will increase nesting opportunities for rare birds and benefit scarce butterflies and other insects found only on these grasslands
SERENGETI PLAIN, Tanzania - Across the grasslands, far into the night, rose the muted roar of a lion.
The grasslands support a variety of rare plant and bird species.
This tree, quite beautiful in its own right along the rocky breaks of prairie rivers, has moved onto the grasslands, growing tall beneath the branches of remaining cottonwood groves.
Increasing areas of New Zealand hill and high country grasslands are being converted from pasture to exotic forestry plantations, with radiata pine (Pinus radiata) being the dominant plantation species.