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town (1990 pop. 42,077), Alpes-Maritime dept., SE France. Probably founded in Roman times, Grasse was a commercial center during the Middle Ages. Destroyed many times by the SaracensSaracens
, term commonly used by medieval Europeans to designate the Arabs and, by extension, the Muslims in general, whether they were Arabs, Moors, or Seljuk Turks.
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, it was an independent republic from the 12th cent. until its union with the earldom of Provence in 1226. In 1536 the town was destroyed by Francis I to prevent the advance of Emperor Charles V. Surrounded by fields of flowers and rose gardens, Grasse is a center of the French perfume industry. Points of interest include a splendid early Gothic cathedral (12th cent.); a town hall built partially in the Middle Ages; and a museum containing paintings by Jean-Honoré Fragonard, who was born in Grasse.
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Commence negotiations of the Production Sharing Contract ("PSC") with the Department of Petroleum Resources in Nigeria together with Sigmund Oilfields Limited and Grasso Consortium.
Grasso is a surgeon, software architect/informaticist and business strategist with over 20 years of delivering professional services within the international healthcare marketplace.
Speaking in a meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in Rome on Friday, Grasso called Iran an important country for regional 'security and stability', and added that the country is playing an important role in settlement of regional issues.
Grasso began his career as a mortgage loan servicer at PFC Corporation, a multifamily mortgage lender/ GNMA issuer, in 1991.
In the former, Grasso models a surface of the kind familiar from recording studios in glistening copper, his idea being to pair the design's acoustically absorbent properties with the material's reflection of light.
People had asked me what was going on because they'd heard I'd been finished with," said Grasso, who has been attached to Coventry since it reopened nearly two years ago.
Even if Spitzer wanted to, he doesn't have time to bring both the Grasso and Greenberg cases to trial and win them before, say, June, when the politicking for the New York State governorship gets hotter and heavier.
These situations involving Lord Black and Dick Grasso share several governance themes.
Former New York Stock Exchange chairman Richard Grasso is being sued over the pounds 105 million pay package that led to his resignation last year.
I'm concerned the monitor does not stay consistent in the requests and requirements it sets forth, which makes the consent decree seem like a never-ending, impossible process,'' police union director Mitzi Grasso wrote in the Los Angeles Police Protective League's newsletter, ``Thin Blue Line.
Give Dick Grasso his $140 million and give him his job back, too.