Gray's Inn

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Gray's Inn:

see Inns of CourtInns of Court,
collective name of the four legal societies in London that have the exclusive right of admission to the bar. These societies—Lincoln's Inn, Gray's Inn, the Inner Temple, and the Middle Temple (see also Temple, the)—date from before the 14th cent.
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He was called to the Bar by Gray's Inn in 1973, subsequently appointed Queen's Counsel.
Channel; Mozambique Temple; Inner and Temple Middle Inn, Gray's Inn, Lincoln's Guinevere; WHEN: WHERE WH| WHO
Our first London holiday was in 1959, staying at a small private hotel off Gray's Inn Road.
Featuring a classical design, its architects were S B Russell and T E Cooper, of Gray's Inn Square, London.
Peer House adjoins Workspace's existing property at 60 Gray's Inn Road, WC1.
Her career as a young barrister at Gray's Inn was brought to an abrupt end by her well-documented battle with alcohol, which she wrote about in her 2007 autobiography Spilling The Beans.
Gray's Inn, Lincoln's Inn, Inner Temple and Middle Temple are collectively known as what?
DIDDOROL oedd darllen erthygl Bethan Gwanas ar ei hamser yn Gray's Inn Road.
Mure has also been a barrister in England since 1990, when he joined Gray's Inn, one of the four Inns of Court in London which serve as professional associations for judges and barristers.
With the opportunity to write for The Sunday Times came a relationship every inch that of pupil and master, and no class was ever more inspirational than that functional grey sports room at 120 Gray's Inn Road.
In 1590, for example, the benchers of Gray's Inn hired a porter to guard the gates, three years later asking the undercook to help the porter in his duties.
According to Peter Beal's Catalogue of Early English Manuscripts, in 1702 the papers belonged to John Newdigate (1672-1705) of Gray's Inn and the Inner Temple, who was the grandson of Richard I and son of Richard II.