Gray Eminence

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Gray Eminence:

see Joseph, FatherJoseph, Father
(François Leclerc du Tremblay), 1577–1638, French Capuchin monk, a confidant and agent of Cardinal Richelieu, generally known as the Éminence Grise [gray eminence].
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Grayson; his press secretary, Ray Stannard Baker; and that grayest of gray eminences, Bernard Baruch], then and for the rest of their lives, interpreted House's entirely intelligible and honorable diplomatic maneuvers as the blackest treason" (225).
The Rolling Stones: ``A Bigger Bang'' (Virgin) Rock's gray eminence delivers its first studio album since 1997's ``Bridges to Babylon.
At last year's POC national convention, NTALTRIFCA delegates shouted down the gray eminence, Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.
In Gray Eminence, 1992, (which may be the most daring piece in the show) steel rosettes are simply attached in a regular pattern to an extremely weathered piece of board: the grain of the wood replaces paint.
Fernandez, the son of ranchera's gray eminence, Vincente Fernandez, is a superstar of both ranchera and pop, having recorded in both genres.
Antero, almost as a matter of course, is the gray eminence of the book.
In a prolific career, Simon has matured from precocious gagmeister to a self-mocking gray eminence whose humor partakes equally of pain and solace, anger and forgiveness.