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Once a week the operator must sanitize the graywater holding tank.
SDA has partnered with the Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) to issue a request for proposals (RFP) for a long-term study on landscape irrigation that uses household graywater.
rainwater and to reuse graywater in conjunction with landscaping
Wade Strickland, manager of the program, says graywater, seafood processing water, domestic wastewater and stormwater operations must have permits.
much greater than] The first multifamily graywater reuse system in the state and first PLDs (porous landscape detention).
In addition to processing wastewater, the authority accepts graywater, septage and sludge.
A cultivated park supplies vegetables and fruits and also cleans rain- and graywater.
broad discharge management categories including fuel management, engine and oil control, solid and liquid maintenance, graywater management, fish hold effluent management and ballast water management.
SPURLOCK POIRIER also masterminded a special graywater irrigation system that recycles the building shower and sink water, rather than burdening the city's waste water treatment plant.
Among his topics are water from springs, air conditioning condensate recovery, water gathered from clouds, solar water distillation, graywater systems, aquatic plants as a waste management system, biological filter and constructed wetland systems, septic system design, and composting toilets.