grease interceptor

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grease trap, grease interceptor

grease trap
A device for removing grease from waste water by allowing the retained liquid to cool and the grease to solidify; then the grease is separated by flotation; it rises to the top of the trap, where it is held.
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It can be used to maintain the temperature of grease line pipes, keeping the fat, oil and grease mixture in suspension from the kitchen to the grease interceptor.
NBAT inspectors also are trained to conduct Department of Environmental Protection grease interceptor inspections ensuring that grease traps are correctly sized to handle grease discharged by cooking and kitchen equipment.
side comp refrigerator $5,000 1 92” Randell Pizza Prep 4 door refrigerator $4,000 1 2 door true upright freezer $3,000 6 Pitco SG 18 Stainless Steel Gas Deep Fryers $13,000 1 Hobart Automatic Dough Mixer 120Qt $10,000 1 Remediator Grease Interceptor $2,500 2 8x10 walk-in Refrigerators with compressors and fans $12,000 8 Blodgett 961 Gas Deck Ovens $32,000 1 Custom Made Pizza Island with tables $5,000 1 Hobart 14” automatic food slicer $2,000 4 Stainless steel miscellaneous prep tables $1,000 1 3 comp dish sink with rinse hose $700 2 1 comp hand sink $200 1 Cash Register $200 Misc.
Following the launch of the Endura grease interceptor earlier this year, Hunter Plastics is increasing its offering with the addition of new products in the Bio Pak range of environmentally friendly dosing and maintenance equipment.
The EPA wants the city to require that every restaurant install a grease interceptor that costs from $20,000 to $50,000, depending on restaurant size, plumbing, etc.
The work includes the addition of a new grease interceptor tank, a new kitchen waste holding tank and all associated work.
Hunter Plastics have launched a grease interceptor that is cost-effective and efficient, easy to store and install.
The work includes Contractors to provide construction of a building near the existing wastewater treatment facility, supply, delivery and installation of a Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) package system, package odor control system, mono rail, coarse screw type screen, grinder, duplex fine screens, grease interceptor, UV disinfection system, complete electrical work including a new standby emergency generator, new controls, instrumentation, chemical feed systems and associated piping, demolition of existing process equipment and structures as shown on contract drawings and removal, disposal of sludge and vegetation in the effluent holding pond, and filling up the pond and related structures***
The trap, also referred to as a grease interceptor by the state plumbing code, is a device to dissolve or suspend waste grease and oil from wastewater.
The overabundance of FOG leads to excessive grease interceptor pumping expenses.
The process includes the use of microbes and a mechanical grease interceptor, the ActCeptor.