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Bill would be waiting for him there, and they would paddle away south down the Dease to the Great Bear Lake.
Echoing the latter's Twenty Six Gasoline Stations, 1963, Various Small Fires, 1964, and Some Los Angeles Apartments, 1965, Bochner's magazine projects such as The Domain of the Great Bear and other works reproduced in the catalogue (such as Seven Translucent Tiers, 1967, and Alfaville, Godard's Apocalypse, 1968) not only parody the notion of creation as emanating from a unique, individual sensibility, but also recognize the extreme limitations within which artistic operations can take place, and their dependence on the very systems they set out to critique.
MORAGA, Cal - Great Bear Technology, a publisher of consumer multimedia software based here, has acquired San Francisco-based StarPress Multimedia.
The rocks Butterfield studied come from flat-lying deposits near Great Bear Lake that escaped the tremendous heat and pressures generated when mountains form.
She published her second collection, Invocation of the Great Bear, (Anrufung des grossen B8aren), in 1956.
Especially at the point where the western mountains meet the midcontinental prairie, the grizzly seemed destined for disappearance, until a domain was set aside where the great bear remains king.
i've no secret old time answer in my hand i've no majik justice in my sand to challenge all the inmate time to pray beside the sacred pine i've no blazin fire trail to sear the wounds nd close the ruptured aura burns but seek her now nd make it end seek her now nd see my friend o great bear of the southern wheel o great bear of the southern wheel o great bear of the southern wheel o great bear of the southern wheel take the power nd the earth take this breath to heal the hurt take the power nd your healing take the breath nd take this feeling travel now in breath nd wind travel now nd take the wind travel now in earth nd land travel now nd take the land clothe him in a yellow gold touch the pain nd make it old
The Sanskrit name for the Great Bear is from the verb rakh, " to be bright, " and it has been suggested that the Greeks named it arktos as a result of confusion between the two words.
When bears roamed the High Plains, east of the Rocky Mountains--in particular the great bear Ursus arctos horribilis, the grizzly--they were attracted in spring to rivers like the Missouri and the Yellowstone.
VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- Starting in June of 2009, resort guests will be able to don scientific lab coats and participate in the research being conducted by lodge partner, Cetacealab, a non-profit, land based whale research station situated in the Great Bear Rainforest along the north coast of British Columbia, Canada.
The Great Bear, Ursa Major, is probably the most familiar constellation in the night sky.
But it's only part of the much larger, official constellation Ursa Major, the Great Bear.