Great Northern Peninsula

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Great Northern Peninsula


Petit Nord Peninsula,

comprising NW Newfoundland island, Canada, extending 170 mi (274 km) NE from Bonne Bay on the west to Cape Bauld at the tip; White Bay borders it on the east. The Long Range, along the west coast, rises to 2,651 ft (808 m) in Gros Morne. Fishing villages dot the indented coastline.
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Substrate characteristics of Braya habitat on the limestone barrens, Great Northern Peninsula, Newfoundland.
Braya longii (Long's Braya), Braya fernaldii (Fernald's Braya) and disturbance on Newfoundland's Great Northern Peninsula.
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The rocky finger, known as Newfoundland's Great Northern Peninsula, points toward the North Atlantic, toward the great "sea road" across which Viking settlers first came to North America - to a place they would call Vinland.
The Great Northern Peninsula in the end wears itself out in low headlands, bays, and islands swept clean by the North Atlantic.
For weeks Bill Whiffen and I had been working our way up Newfoundland island's 300-mile-long Great Northern Peninsula by pickup, by canoe, and on foot.

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