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see grousegrouse,
common name for a game bird of the colder parts of the Northern Hemisphere. There are about 18 species. Grouse are henlike terrestrial birds, protectively plumaged in shades of red, brown, and gray.
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More than half of all sagebrush lands have been lost, resulting in a 95 percent reduction in greater sage-grouse populations.
In the case of greater sage-grouse, 75 percent of the birds occur in only about 25 percent of their historic range.
We are studying greater sage-grouse inhabiting areas near the PacifiCorp Seven Mile Hill wind project located approximately 15 km west of Medicine Bow, WY," said Dr.
In the area that surrounds a nest site, Greater Sage-Grouse have been shown to select for greater sagebrush (Wallestad and Pyrah 1974, Aldridge and Brigham 2002, Aldridge 2005, Hagen et al.
2004, Conservation Assessment of Greater Sage-grouse and Sagebrush Habitats: Unpublished report of Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, p.
Ecology of male Greater Sage-Grouse in relation to wind energy development in Wyoming," led by Joshua Millspaugh, professor of wildlife conservation at the University of Missouri; and
The long-term health of the greater sage-grouse throughout the West depends on strong and innovative partnerships to conserve and restore its habitat in ways that embrace traditional uses of the land such as cattle ranching," Jewell said.
We selected this area as all sage-grouse north of the Colorado-Eagle rivers were known to be Greater Sage-Grouse (Hupp and Braun 1991).
non-mated) for Greater Sage-Grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus) included display rate, lek attendance, and a vocal component (Gibson and Bradbury 1985).
Bureau of Land Management (BLM) took an important step forward on behalf of our nation's iconic sagebrush habitat and wildlife like the Greater sage-grouse with the release of its National Greater Sage-Grouse Planning Strategy.
An unprecedented, landscape-scale conservation effort across the western United States has significantly reduced threats to the greater sage-grouse across 90 percent of the species' breeding habitat and enabled the U.
The Volume is heavily slanted toward research on Greater Prairie-Chicken (Tympanuchus cupido) and Greater Sage-Grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus), each with eight separate chapters.

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