Greater Yellowstone Coalition

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Greater Yellowstone Coalition (GYC)

Address:13 S Willson Ave, Suite 2
PO Box 1874
Bozeman, MT 59715

Established: 1983. Description:Dedicated to protecting and preserving the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem, the area including and surrounding Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks in Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. (see separate entries in national parks section). Members: 13,000. Dues: $35/year.
Publications: Greater Yellowstone Report (quarterly); free to members and free online. Also publishes a wide range of other reports and studies on the Greater Yellowstone region.

See other parks in Montana.
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Contact: Greater Yellowstone Coalition, website http://wwwgreateryellowstone.
Knight said such talk is premature, and Michael Scott of the Greater Yellowstone Coalition agreed.
tracks," said Mike Clark of the Greater Yellowstone Coalition.
In a separate report released by NPCA and the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, snowmobile noise was found to be audible from 12 of 13 test sites scattered throughout the park.
Of the 10 great geyser basins in the world, the only two that have not been destroyed by well pumping are Yellowstone and Kamchatka, Russia," said Bob Ekey, spokesman for the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, a regional environmental group.
WASHINGTON, June 2 /PRNewswire/ -- The following was issued by American Rivers, Greater Yellowstone Coalition and Beartooth Alliance:
NPCA and other groups, such as the Greater Yellowstone Coalition (GYC), disagree.
In the words of Michael Scott, a policy specialist with the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, an ecosystem-focused conservation group: "If there's not enough habitat, there won't be any bears.
Environmentalist Dennis Glick of the Greater Yellowstone Coalition agrees, but based on his work with the World Wildlife Fund in Costa Pica, he says the American punic still has not fully recognized the potential of bioprospecting in advancing the value of national parks beyond aesthetics.
NPCA, the Greater Yellowstone Coalition (GYC), and the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance say that the plan's preferred alternative fails to reasonably manage the brucellosis risk while allowing bison to remain wild.
Burns is so concerned about international bodies coming in and hijacking Yellowstone, he ought to be asking himself why he is so eager to let a Canadian mining company come into this country and exploit a law that puts Yellowstone at risk," suggests Bob Ekey, spokesman for the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, which joined with NPCA, American Rivers, and I I other organizations in seeking World Heritage's involvement.
Dennis Glick, with the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, an environmental group that oversees the Yellowstone region, says, "At present our attitudes about fire are something like those that surrounded wolves three or four decades ago, when the only good wolf was a dead one.

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