Greek Church

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Greek Church:

see Orthodox Eastern ChurchOrthodox Eastern Church,
community of Christian churches whose chief strength is in the Middle East and E Europe. Their members number some 300 million worldwide. The Orthodox agree doctrinally in accepting as ecumenical the first seven councils (see council, ecumenical) and in
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Greek Orthodox Church

1. Also called Greek Church the established Church of Greece, governed by the holy synod of Greece, in which the Metropolitan of Athens has primacy of honour
2. another name for Orthodox Church
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A few were valid, but most were just as surely in error, adding one more reason to deny its effect upon the whole Greek Church.
Greek President Karolos Papoulias and Archbishop Ieronimos, head of the Greek Church, was also among the participants.
Walsh, New York 1990-1991), notable for its allegorical approach and further debt to Augustine; a Tripartite History incorporating translations of Greek church historians Socrates, Sozomen, and Theodoret; On the Soul, emphasising its spirituality; cr.
No transaction revealing nuns of the Roman church lending money at interest has yet come to light - which would show that the regime's toleration extended beyond the Greek church - but it is unlikely that one will be found.
In those days, men sat on one side of the Greek church, women on the other, and none of the service was in English.
He told the gathering that the first Greek Cypriot had registered at the Greek church of St Nicholas in Butetown in 1914 and that the community had since grown to between 1,000 and 1,500 members.
The Council of Florence failed in the 15th century because the Western Church was badly divided and the Greek Church could not accept a union.
Weatherby invites us to consider a possible source for Spenser too, namely the writings of the Greek Church Fathers from Clement of Alexandria (2nd cent.
As the New Testament canon was being defined in the fourth to sixth centuries, Greek church leaders would have liked to drop the Book of Revelations, while the Latin church favored keeping it.
THE WEDDING: More than 70 guests looked on as Dimitris and Sarah exchanged vows inside the Greek church.
called him 'Seal of the Fathers'; the Greek Church revered his Christology; the Sacred Congregation of Rites (July 28, 1882) titled him 'Teacher of the Church'; for the Catholic scholar Joannes Quasten, he is "One of the greatest figures in early Christian literature.
Theoharides was very passionate about his Greek church, Saint Spyridon Greek Orthodox Cathedral.