Classical order

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An arch of two orders, 3, each having its carved hood molding
Doric order, 2
1. In Classical architecture, an arrangement of a particular style of column together with the entablature (which it supports) and standardized details, including its base and capital. The Greeks developed the Corinthian order, Doric order, and Ionic order; the Romans added the Composite order and Tuscan order. For each order, the height and spacing of the columns is established in terms of a specified number of diameters of the lower part of the columns; the design of the base and capital is also prescribed. The height of the entablatures is determined by the height of the columns.
2. In masonry, one ring of several around an arch.
References in classic literature ?
The Roman layer, which is the most ancient and deepest, is occupied by the round arch, which reappears, supported by the Greek column, in the modern and upper layer of the Renaissance.
The wonderful Duke Mansion in the leafy suburb of Myers Park has Greek columns at the entrance, stately gardens behind and, when the sun is shining, the fountain in front will magic up its own little rainbow as you walk by.
The guests of Louis XV must have been suitably impressed by the neoclassical-style theatre, decorated with Greek columns, wooden walls painted to look like marble and side-wall mirrors that reflected the ceiling frescoes and made the candlelit room seem endiess.
GREEK COLUMNS Most of the time is spent creating a Greek art project related to that week's theme.
PATRICIA LEIGH BROWN NYT SYNDICATE THE prom countdown was nearly complete, the do-it-yourself Greek columns, pink and white tulle bows and plastic flutes with the "Once Upon a Dream" logo awaiting the evening of evenings.
Coldplay kicked off the show with their track Charlie Brown, performing in the round, shortly followed by a performance by Florence + The Machine on a stage decked with Greek columns.
Located in Richmond's Woodland Heights neighborhood, this brick building with impressive Greek columns flanking the main entrance is over 24,000 square feet on 3 levels, with a large chapel with balcony, classrooms, lower-level auditorium, offices and kitchen.
I built our house on the bay out of an old barn and Greek columns,
Greek columns and bright limestone walls up to six feet high (2 meters) stand in some places, reflecting the sun in an electric blue sky over the dark waters of the nearby sea.
Although her days of sun- and art-soaked freedom on the islands of Crete and Corfu have never been far from Birstein's creative mind over the last three decades, it is in the last two years that Greece has returned full-force to her, as the inspiration for a new body of nine life sized clay sculptures, atop ready-made Greek columns, first showcased at the Seymour Art Gallery in Deep Cove, British Columbia, Canada in the spring of 2008; and also as the location for a ceramics workshop Birstein led on the Greek island of Skopelos in September, 2009.
Derek Shamus Mehaffey) whose house is painted with colourful harlequin-like flying men in toques, and is "graced" by faint Greek columns.
You'd think, in a town like Florence, where fully a third of its nearly 9,000 residents are senior citizens, that there'd be a gleaming senior center, complete with Greek columns, gold railings and marble floors.