Green Mountain National Forest

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Green Mountain National Forest

Address:231 N Main St
Rutland, VT 05701

Size: 375,000 acres.
Location:Central and southern Vermont. Accessible by US 4 and 7. Nearby cities/towns include Brandon, Brattleboro, Bennington, Burlington, Manchester, Rochester, and Rutland.
Facilities:Campgrounds, picnic sites, trail (512 miles), scenic drives, 3 ski areas.
Activities:Camping, hunting, fishing, swimming, gold panning, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, cross-country and downhill skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, snowboarding.
Special Features:Landscapes range from rugged mountains to secluded hollows. Forest's Green Mountain Range is traversed by Vermont's "Long Trail," the oldest formal hiking trail in the U.S. The trail's southern portion overlays the Appalachian National Scenic Trail (see entry in national trails section). Forest and nearby Champlain Valley have numerous points of historic interest, including battlegrounds of Revolutionary and French and Indian Wars; 2000+ historic archeological sites.

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Address : All Timber Marking Services Provided Shall Be Performed Within The Green Mountain National Forest.
SAN FRANCISCO -- StubHub Launches "Tickets for Trees" to Help Restore Green Mountain National Forest (December 29, 2008 01:00 PM) Source: StubHub
GREEN MOUNTAIN NATIONAL FOREST in Vermont is a gem of the Northeast, providing a variety of recreational activities, such as hiking, skiing, snowmobiling and fishing.
OVER 40,000 ACRES OF THE GREEN Mountain National Forest were recently designated as forever wild by Congress as a result of years of pressure from a coalition of groups, in which CLF has played a leading role.
A typical example is a case now under way in Vermont, where the Club and other organizations are suing to halt a proposed timber sale and the construction of a road in the Lamb Brook section of Green Mountain National Forest.
Mathew Jacobson works, among other things, to protect the Green Mountain National Forest (GMNF) in Vermont.
With the New York Giants clinching home field advantage throughout the playoffs, StubHub, in partnership with the National Forest Foundation (NFF), today announced that all tickets purchased for the Giants playoff games will benefit Green Mountain National Forest, the closest National Forest in proximity to team.
The developer is erecting Gamesa 2MW turbines, a mix of G97 and G87 machines, across 80 acres in the Green Mountain National Forest.
Forest Service, and in 1985, it became Finger Lakes National Forest, operated as an administrative unit of Green Mountain National Forest in Vermont.
CLF is taking the lead role in the Vermont Wilderness Association's efforts to secure federal designation of more wilderness areas in the Green Mountain National Forest.
Address : The Project Locations Are On The Rochester And Middlebury Ranger Districts Of The Green Mountain National Forest.
We're advocating protection of suitable ones in Vermont's Green Mountain National Forest and New Hampshire's White Mountain National Forest; on the recently created Nulhegan National Wildlife Refuge in Northeastern Vermont; and on other important public lands throughout the region.

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