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green turtle:

see sea turtlesea turtle,
name for several species of large marine turtles found in tropical and subtropical oceans. These turtles are modified for life in the ocean by having flipperlike forelimbs without toes and lightweight shells. Their heads are too large to be withdrawn into the shell.
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While rehabilitating in an isolated "hospital pool" at the Aquarium, the turtle ate fish and plants, which is highly unusual since loggerheads usually eat fish and green sea turtles generally eat plants.
During the Volvo Ocean Race, one of the world's most prestigious sailing events, racing yachts as well as other vessels and a satellite-equipped green sea turtle will provide a connection between environmental education and ocean related issues.
The road to recovery for the green sea turtle has been long, and conservationists say it will be another 20-plus years before success can be truly declared.
It is illegal to collect or kill the endangered green sea turtle, which lives until 80.
While Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu is a known Green Sea turtle nesting site, Coco Bodu Hithi experienced 3 surprise nests this year where the hatchlings were safely escorted to the open ocean.
e centre is home to more than 2,000 creatures, including sharks, a rescued giant green sea turtle, otters, jellysh, piranha, octopus, rays and a colony of fentoo penguins.
During the meeting Arif Ahmed Khan was informed of the dwindling numbers of numerous animal and plant species such as green sea turtle and vultures that were on the verge of extinction in Pakistan, and for which immediate and lasting measures were required for their conservation.
A trip to Mexico, where he watched a green sea turtle nest, only drew him more.
In 1989, biologists counted only 464 nests on 26 "index" beaches in Florida, the state with the largest green sea turtle population.
is planned to launch in spring 2014, and enjoys a pristine beachfront place in the historic Turtle Bay of Balaclava the previous breeding grounds of the Mauritian green sea turtle on the North West coast of Mauritius.
In Florida, the Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge had nearly 1,150 green sea turtle nests, more than double the record it set two years ago.