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green tea

An evergreen with an endless supply of tea! Use the young new leaves. Either boil the leaves for 15 seconds or freeze them for 30 minutes, then dry them for later use as tea. Green tea is very high in antioxidants that help protect cholesterol in blood from oxidating and forming free radicals. Green tea is a better antioxidant than either oolong or black tea. These are actually all the same plant, Camellia sinensis. The difference is that green tea is unfermented. Oolong is partially fermented, and black tea is fully fermented. The fermentation process destroys many of the antioxidant polyphenols. White tea, is are also from the C. sinensis plant, but contains the baby leaf buds. Green tea is known for its anti-cancer properties from the antioxidant and antiviral nature of the polyphenols. Green tea also helps with weight loss due to both the xanthines (caffeine, theophylline, theobromine) that act as thermogenics (increases temperature through the increased burning of body fat) and suppresses appetite. Also contains theanine, which has calming action on the body and counters the stimulant action of the tiny amount of caffeine in the plant. Take green tea by itself because it contains substances that can render other herbs or medications useless to the body, including what you eat. Green tea can hinder the absorption of nutrients into the body. Contains tiny amount of flouride, so take a break once in a while. An alternative antioxidant tea to consider is red tea (rooibos, honey bush)...a mild, slightly sweet tea with antioxidant properties 30 times greater than green tea, and very low in polyphenols, so it will not interfere with other herbs or medications. Rooibos is also anti-cancer.

Green Tea


a variety of tea. Green tea gives a light greenish-yellow infusion with a strong aroma and a rather bitter, astringent taste. In the manufacture of green tea, dry-curing and fermentation are eliminated, which accounts for its distinctive properties. In comparison with black tea, it has a higher stimulating effect on the human organism. Green tea contains from 12 to 18.6 percent tannin and about 1.5 percent caffeine. In the USSR, it is used mainly in the Middle Asian republics.

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Green teas combined with super-foods seem to be a trend.
Currently there are no published epidemiologic studies on the toxicity of green tea supplements.
In addition to promoting healthy body weight and composition, green tea may help ward off numerous health conditions that afflict aging adults, from cataracts to autoimmune disorders.
Tiny rolled up balls of green tea leaves help to create the Japanese Cherry Blossom green tea's fragrant aroma and fruity flavor, Ramirez said.
Tetley green teas are as hydrating as water, naturally rich in antioxidants and are a natural source of theanine.
For years, studies have indicated that the antioxidants in green tea offer protection against diseases, including cancer, and even fight dental cavities.
The output of green tea soft drinks totaled 1,421,000 kiloliters in Japan last year, riding a wave of popularity among weight-conscious women in their teens and early 20s and pushing oolong tea drinks, long dominant in the market for tea-based soft drinks, out of the top spot.
Green tea is one of the latest of the therapeutic foods to attract attention from researchers.
Celsius Green Teas offer a non-carbonated choice for those consumers looking to burn calories.
One "GMP certified" green tea supplement contained only 38% of the claimed EGCG.
With recent studies pointing to the antioxidants in green tea as key in helping prevent cell damage that can lead to a wide variety of diseases, researchers are proving green tea's positive effect on a wide range of health problems.