Greenwich Time

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Greenwich Mean Time

, Greenwich Time
mean solar time on the 0? meridian passing through Greenwich, England, measured from midnight: formerly a standard time in Britain and a basis for calculating times throughout most of the world, it has been replaced by an atomic timescale

Greenwich Time

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Because of the variation in time caused by various time changes as one moves east or west across Earth, astrologers have found it convenient to construct tables such as ephemerides (tables of planetary positions) with the time at Greenwich, England, as a benchmark. Greenwich lies exactly on the 0° longitude line, which makes it relatively easy to determine the number of hours to add or subtract to local time in order to obtain Greenwich time (15° = 1 hour).


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A recent Greenwich Time report said there were at least two dozen abandoned mansions in Greenwich.
As if that were not enough, there was the bold decision in principle to defy nature and put Britain, at least for a trial period, on Berlin rather than Greenwich time.
The studio had been reserved for an hour on Greenwich Time, but the director was unaware that there is a one-hour difference between London and GMT between the summer and winter.
The Greenwich Time signal is broadcast on DAB about two seconds later than the FM signal.
ANSWERS: 1 Vietnam' 2 The note B' 3 Ken' 4 Eleven' 5 David Copperfield' 6 The US Masters golf tournament' 7 The Greenwich time signal' 8 A variety of cheese' 9 Forever Love' 10 Crete.
The watches are programmed to receive the Greenwich time signal from the Atomic Clock via a radio transmitter in Rugby at pre-defined times - making them correct to within one second every three million years.
Atomic watches and clocks are automatically programmed to receive the Greenwich time signal from a transmitter in Rugby, Warwickshire, at pre-defined times.
Timed to occur at noon Greenwich time, the grass-roots meditation effort attempts to unite people in a simultaneous meditation for world peace.
The first satellite feed will be coordinated worldwide at 14:00 Greenwich Time; the second satellite feed at 17:00 Greenwich Time.
Laura McKittrick founded The Greenwich Girl brand in late 2012 after the publication of a three day blog covering Hurricane Irene was featured in Greenwich Time for its overnight local sensation success.
Mark Vinciguerra has been named publisher and general manager; previously, he was audience development director at Hearst Media Service Northeast (New York's Albany Times-Union, Connecticut Post of Bridgeport, Greenwich Time, The News-Times of Danbury, Conn.

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