Greenwich meridian

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Greenwich meridian:

see prime meridianprime meridian,
meridian that is designated zero degree (0°) longitude, from which all other longitudes are measured. By international convention, it passes through the original site of the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England; for this reason, it is sometimes called the
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Greenwich meridian

[′gren·ich mə′rid·ē·ən]
The meridian passing through Greenwich, England, and serving as the reference for Greenwich time; it also serves as the origin of measurement of longitude.
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I DID IT: Jason Lewis crosses the Greenwich Meridian finish line; GREETING: adventurer Jason Lewis is mobbed by children as he arrives on dry land; CELEBRATE: drinking
Guinness and Champagne Mumm have also signed up as official partners of Greenwich Meridian 2000.
It would cut the link between our time and the rising and setting of the Sun, and cause us to gradually drift away from Greenwich Mean Time, judged by when the Sun crosses the Greenwich Meridian.
One of the best-known examples of an innovation prize was the Longitude Prize in 1714 which offered a substantial reward to anyone who could accurately plot how far east or west of the Greenwich Meridian a ship was, prompt-t ing John Harrison to create a clock of unprecedented accuracy which could be used at sea.
The final expedition leg will be a ride through Europe, with Moksha's final voyage taking Lewis across the Channel and up the Thames to his Greenwich Meridian starting point.
For the first stage proper, the race will start in London and visit the Greenwich Meridian before the stage ends in Canterbury.
Jason Lewis, 36,began his circumnavigation by bicycle from London's Greenwich Meridian in July 1994.
The project focuses on the diverse peoples, cultures and environments of the eight countries in Europe and West Africa which lie on the Greenwich Meridian Line.
It may take the Greenwich Meridian to separate them, which is just as well: the international timeline runs straight through the middle of the old Millennium Dome.
Lewis began the Expedition 360 at the Greenwich Meridian in London in 1994 by bike with founder member Steve Smith, from Wolverhampton.
We joined one of my last ships in Hamburg and sailed to Norfolk in Virginia on the eastern seaboard of the USA, left there and went down to, and through, the Panama Canal, up to Japan to a couple of ports the names of which I can't remember exactly (and therefore can't spell), down to South Africa and then back up to Europe again to finish in Marseille, thus crossing the Greenwich meridian twice.

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