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1 City (1990 pop. 26,265), Johnson co., central Ind.; settled 1822, inc. as a city 1960. A residential suburb of Indianapolis, Greenwood is in a retail shopping area. Manufactures include motor vehicle parts and metal products.

2 City (1990 pop. 18,906), seat of Leflore co., W central Miss., on the Yazoo River in the Mississippi Delta; inc. 1844. It is a retail and trade center for a productive farm region, with a major cotton market. Musical instruments, apparel, motor vehicle parts, agricultural equipment, and kitchen stoves are manufactured. The area's original inhabitants were the Choctaws; the city and county derive their names from a Choctaw chief and cotton planter, Greenwood Leflore. After the area was ceded to the United States in 1830 by the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek, settlers poured in, carving vast cotton plantations out of the delta swamplands. The city has a cotton museum, and several Native American burial grounds are nearby.

3 City (1990 pop. 20,807), seat of Greenwood co., W S.C.; settled 1824, inc. as a city 1927. It is a rail center, with textile, wood-product, and meatpacking industries. A trading post was established there in 1751, and a Revolutionary War battle was fought at nearby Old Star Fort in 1775. The first railroad came in 1852; by 1911 five lines were operating through the city. Lander Univ. and Piedmont Technical College are in the city. Greenwood State Park is nearby.

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Former egg salesmen William Greenwood, 76, and Mitchell Greenwood, 42, both of South Wingfield, Derbyshire, offered more than 4,000 supposedly safe AK-47 rifles, Uzi submachine guns and pistols from a converted farm building.
Because enactment of the Greenwood policy would be a giant step in the pro-cloning direction--it would give the green light to what President Bush called human "embryo farms"--NRLC strongly urges you to vote "no" on the Greenwood Substitute.
Greenwood notes that moves to restrict such areas could actually damage national interests because foreign students produce a large portion of the research in these areas.
I thought Greenwood and Wilson were outstanding for them, really managing to make the side tick.
The good thing about doing two in each state is to see if there are differences among states in how the survey process works in terms of trying to actually improve the quality of care in those chronically poor-performing homes," Greenwood said.
Greenwood uses various first-person accounts of escaped slaves and other historical texts to create an authentic background.
And Greenwood has grown from a small farming town into Johnson County's largest city, with an estimated 29,000 residents inside city limits and booming adjacent residential areas.
The telecommunications companies are making a big push into Europe and the Eastern countries, Greenwood explained, particularly now that these systems are being taken out of government control.
In November 2011, when Itron announced the closure of its Greenwood plant, which manufactures the world-renowned Neptune flow meters, local officials immediately contacted Blackstreet.
Home shoppers will have the choice of four unique neighborhoods within the planned community of Greenwood.
GreenWood provides integrated maintenance, construction and workforce solutions designed to extend the life of critical assets, influence operational efficiencies and deliver bottom line improvements for plants and facilities throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic.

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