Grenade Launcher

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grenade launcher

[grə′nād ‚lȯn·chər]
A device designed to hold a grenade in position for firing but does not itself propel the missile.

Grenade Launcher


(1) The hand grenade launcher is a light portable weapon (weighing up to 15 kg), designed to destroy armored targets and enemy personnel with armor-piercing or high-explosive fragmentation grenades. It was adopted by the armies of various states after World War II (1939–45). The launcher consists of a barrel, sighting devices, a launching mechanism, a stock (handle), and additional attachments (shock absorbers, shields, and so on). The calibers of the grenade launchers of foreign armies are 40–90 mm, with a sighting range of up to 400 m. A distinction is made between single-shot hand grenade launchers, which are used only once, and repeating grenade launchers.

(2) The rifle grenade launcher is a special removable device (barrel) mounted on the muzzle end of the rifle. It was adopted by the armies of various states after World War II. It is designed primarily for fighting against tanks and other armored targets. The sighting range is up to 100 m. Before firing, the launcher is mounted on the rifle barrel and loaded with a grenade of 60–80 mm caliber; the rifle is loaded with a blank cartridge. The powder gases formed during combustion of the charge of the cartridge propel the grenade.

(3) The rifle grenade discharger (rifle with a grenade launcher) was designed to destroy infantry with high-explosive fragmentation grenades at a range of up to 1,000 m. It appeared during World War I (1914–18) but was not used extensively in combat.


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A remote control is available to be fixed on the grenade launcher barrel which allows one to operate the Raam without moving ones hands from the firing position.
Mk-17 (CQC model w/ Mk-13 40 mm grenade launcher mod)
German firearms maker Heckler & Koch designed the weapon, which will eventually replace the M203 grenade launcher that the Army has used since the late-1960s.
The new XM 320 grenade launcher comes with improved features designed with lightweight material composition for improved durability and new sighting system designed to lessen interference with rifle and carbine sights.
One particularly apt illustration can be found in familiar photographs of Saddam Hussein brandishing a shotgun or grenade launcher.
The loaded machine gun was discovered along with a rocket-propelled grenade launcher, six bayonets and a sniper rifle in packages marked as computer equipment.
After sticking it out through war and drought, he was finally forced to leave in October after a rocket grenade launcher exploded near his home, killing one of his sheep.
The system trains soldiers in the use of small arms, as well as the 50-caliber M-2 machine gun and the 40mm Mark-19 grenade launcher.
Goshen County bought its first grenade launcher, a 37mm, in the 1950s from Federal Signal.
The first explosion came when a grenade launcher fired at the second floor of the restaurant.
Army prosecutors said Bales acted alone and with premeditation when, armed with a pistol, a rifle and a grenade launcher, he left his outpost twice during the night, returning in the middle of his rampage to tell a fellow soldier, "I just shot up some people.