Grenade Launcher

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grenade launcher

[grə′nād ‚lȯn·chər]
A device designed to hold a grenade in position for firing but does not itself propel the missile.

Grenade Launcher


(1) The hand grenade launcher is a light portable weapon (weighing up to 15 kg), designed to destroy armored targets and enemy personnel with armor-piercing or high-explosive fragmentation grenades. It was adopted by the armies of various states after World War II (1939–45). The launcher consists of a barrel, sighting devices, a launching mechanism, a stock (handle), and additional attachments (shock absorbers, shields, and so on). The calibers of the grenade launchers of foreign armies are 40–90 mm, with a sighting range of up to 400 m. A distinction is made between single-shot hand grenade launchers, which are used only once, and repeating grenade launchers.

(2) The rifle grenade launcher is a special removable device (barrel) mounted on the muzzle end of the rifle. It was adopted by the armies of various states after World War II. It is designed primarily for fighting against tanks and other armored targets. The sighting range is up to 100 m. Before firing, the launcher is mounted on the rifle barrel and loaded with a grenade of 60–80 mm caliber; the rifle is loaded with a blank cartridge. The powder gases formed during combustion of the charge of the cartridge propel the grenade.

(3) The rifle grenade discharger (rifle with a grenade launcher) was designed to destroy infantry with high-explosive fragmentation grenades at a range of up to 1,000 m. It appeared during World War I (1914–18) but was not used extensively in combat.


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Talipao Mayor Nebukadnezar Tulawie surrendered 60 high and low-powered firearms, consisting of 41 M16 rifles, three ARIS rifles, 12 M1 Garand rifles, two M79 Grenade Launchers, one Bar, and one M14 rifle.
Moreover, Azerbaijani military factories produce 30-mm automatic grenade launcher complex, sight for ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft installation, ammo of various calibers, PG-7V grenade launchers, unmanned aerial vehicles, aerial bombs for a training exercise and many other weapons.
Bandipora (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], Nov 19 ( ANI ): Arms and ammunition, including Under-Barrel Grenade Launchers, AK-47s and 10 hand grenades, were recovered post the encounter which took place in Hajin on Saturday.
He was also shown some of modern Russian small arms, including a AGS-17 automatic grenade launcher and a RPG-7 portable anti-tank grenade launcher, as well as samples of camouflage-colored combat gear.
It is expected to be fitted with large-caliber machine-guns and grenade launchers.
He said that grenades, grenade launchers, two SMGs and TT Pistols were recovered from the possession of the killed suspects.
Tajik border guards opened fire against Kyrgyz border guards from grenade launchers and mortars, a source in security agency told AKIpress on January 11.
7 mm machine guns and 40 mm automatic grenade launchers, some can accept the smaller calibre automatic cannon normally used in medium-calibre turrets and weapon stations, becoming the trait d'union between the two categories.
The discovery comes just over a week after authorities said explosive-sniffing dogs had found another batch of ammunition for grenade launchers and other unidentified types of munitions.
Real IRA thug Michael Campbell bragged of his murderous intent to men he believed to be arms dealers as he handed over thousands of pounds for explosives, detonators, grenade launchers, machine guns and an assassin's rifle.
In 2010, the country actively exported small arms and light weapons, Yemen being the biggest buyer with a total of 40 700 assault rifles, 1000 light machine guns, 900 shoulder-fired grenade launchers and 170 60mm small-caliber mortars.
US and UK armed forces use 40mm single-shot grenade launchers fitted under the forestocks of assault rifles: range and accuracy are limited.