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1. any deep-sea gadoid fish of the family Macrouridae, typically having a large head and trunk and a long tapering tail
2. any of various African weaverbirds of the genus Estrilda



(Coryphaena hippums), a fish of the family Coryphaenidae of the order Percomorphi. The body is elongated (up to 2 m) and laterally compressed; the tail has a large and deeply notched caudal fin. The young are very different in shape from the adults. The fish weighs up to 30 kg. The back is blue green with white spots, and the sides and abdomen are silver or gold. The grenadier is found in all warm seas and as far north as the southern Kuril Islands. The flesh of the fish is highly valued, but the grenadier has no commercial significance since it does not form schools.

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The Band of the Grenadier Guards plays at St George's Hall on September 13.
Lieutenant Colonel Carew Hatherley, Commanding Officer, 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards, said of the dead solider: "He was a resolute and steadfast friend to all who knew him.
Funeral of fallen soldier Jamie Shadrake of the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards
In April 2010 he moved to 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards in Aldershot, joining his elder brother in The Queen's Company.
It was close to the same canal that the Grenadier Guard was shot on Thursday.
He was posted to 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards in March 2006 after completing his training at Catterick, North Yorkshire.
At the service his older brother Carl, also a Grenadier Guard, paid a dignified tribute to his younger sibling, hailing him a big-hearted hero.
The men were Grenadier Guards, part of the 6th Battalion which landed on September 9, 1943, at Salerno in southern Italy.
Kerry Ashworth, 44, said no words could describe her feelings after receiving the VC from the Queen in a private ceremony at Buckingham Palace on behalf of her son, 23-year-old Lance Corporal James Ashworth, of 1st Battalion The Grenadier Guards.
Guardsman Jamie Shadrake, of the Reconnaissance Platoon, 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards, was killed on August 17 when insurgents launched an attack in the Nahr-e Saraj district of Helmand Province.
The body of Guardsman Jamie Shadrake, of the Reconnaissance Platoon, 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards, was flown into RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire yesterday.
The death was announced after the MoD named a soldier killed in a grenade blast on Wednesday as Lance Corporal James Ashworth from the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards.